Intel sheds more light on Pineview

Fudzilla: "Intel has confirmed several details about its upcoming Pineview CPU and Pine Trail platform, scheduled to launch at some point in Q4. It has also revealed version 2.0 of its Mobilin OS for netbooks.

What sets Pineview apart from current Atom CPUs is its highly integrated design. It incorporates a memory controller and GPU on the same piece of silicon, thus allowing for a two chip platform, whereas the current Atom platform uses three chips. The southbridge, codenamed Tiger Point, features SATA and PCIe support. The two-chip design will allow for a significantly smaller footprint, improved power efficiency and better thermals, and should allow vendors to produce fanless netbooks. Most importantly, however, it will be cheaper to produce.

Intel has also confirmed Pineview is compatible with Nvidia's Ion, and it has also confirmed a Q4 launch date for the new netbook platform. It's possible Intel has changed its schedule slightly, bringing the launch forward by a few weeks. Reports that it is considering dropping the N280/GN40 combo and holding out untill Pine Trail becomes available have also surfaced recently.

Intel will also launch a nettop, dual-core version of Pineview in Q4."

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