More Evidence to Support Metal Gear Solid 5 Announcement for E3

SCRAWL: "Kojima's next game is currently in its website teasing countdown timer stages, but of course we're going to want to know what it is sooner than it is revealed. New evidence today points even more signs towards Metal Gear Solid 5.

If the flashing "5" in the background of the teaser site didn't convince you, perhaps this will."

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Nightfallen4076d ago

Finally convinced that, that is a 5. I kept insisting that it was an S. Still..I won't hold my breath.

Nambassa4076d ago

AW MAN! WOOOOOOOO!! i hope its mgs5 and this has managed to convince me it is

RememberThe3574076d ago

This is interesting, not not nearly convincing.

eelnats20004076d ago

MGS5 now.

although hideo kojima is known for his witty schemes.

we'll just see.

as of right now... THE HYPE BEGINS.

talltony4076d ago

yea as soon as i saw that I thought it was a 5.

Wizeguy214076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I would be more incline to believe that its part 5, if Hideo Kojima wasn't the man behind Metal Gear!

This man thrives on this sort of speculation.. I mean c'mon anyone remember the supposed Metal Gear for 360 turned out to be for the i phone.

Or the opening of metal gear solid 3!!! He purposely Picked that mask to make us believe it to be another person(If you play this you should know)

This just seems to obvious .Although everyone should expect Metal Gear 5, Just don't be surprised if its NOT that.

WhittO4076d ago

you can bet that the 5th Metal Gear will almost certainly be on 360 aswell, or they will be doing SOMETHING for 360, MS just would never let that go and would pay ALOT of money for that.

Im suprised they never put MGS4 on 360 really, i thought it would be exclusive for about a year then get ported, but guess not.

Lifendz4076d ago

and I'm now also holding my breath that MS might have the exclusivity on this one.

E3 hype has reached crazy levels! Can't wait for it.

Xulap4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

The same picture the author is trying to use to hype us, is the same one that makes him look stupid. He's trying to make us think that the huge "5" is the same font as the numbers in the picture above... But compare the number 4 in both pictures. They're completely different.

So, that was lame. Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

PS: I hope it's an extra campaign featuring Raiden for MGS4.. With trophies.

TheForgotten0ne4076d ago

It was quite clearly that it was for iPhone or DSi. It said i + ! = (Launch sign).

I thought it would be an acid game, but I was wrong, but the people claming it would be a X360 game were truly looking hard for only facts that would support an X360 game.

They said because of the color was green it had to be X360. Sure the X360 is green, it truly is, but so much in MGS is green, codec conversations have always been green.

But I don't have to high hopes. And I bet it will be a multi plat game if it comes out, and I'm afraid it can take some of the brilliance about the game away, not because one console is worse then the other, but because they can't use all they power on one version.

Hellsvacancy4076d ago

As in


I wouldnt of thought Kojima would make it so obvious every1 expects it 2b Mgs5

Just a thought thats all

Wizeguy214076d ago

It was NOT clear to everyone that metal gear was for iphone or ds.

It was always a possibility, but people still speculated. And my point isn't so much this, it's more that Hideo Loves to Tease!

ottoman_2394075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

cool I have 2 still get MGS4,I have played the demo and it is great.Good to hear there is a new metal gear coming (maybe).

ChozenWoan4075d ago

But this timer ends on Thursday May 21st. Isn't Thrusday when PSN updates come out?

Just wondering.
... Don't mind me.
... ...I'll just be over in the corner here sitting on my royal chair with me tinking kap on.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4075d ago

Even if it is on PS3, I remember Kojima stating that they wanted to expand westwards. It's only natural to put their game on 360. That it'll be on the same league as MGS4 in terms of quality, who knows.

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belal4076d ago

that means its multi?

Fishy Fingers4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Yep, just like his previous MGS E3 announcement, the multiplatform MGS4.

Oh wait...

Assume nothing. Just wait and see. He's pretty sneaky (pun) he could have anything up his sleeve. I'm still not convinced it's MGS5 (although hopeful).

PirateThom4076d ago

Yeah, cause no exclusive games have ever been announced at E3???


Conan9974076d ago

my two favorite posters, saying the truth!

siyrobbo4076d ago

yeah but who would have thought back in 2005 that the ps3 would be behind the 360 after 3 years on the market? not me thats for sure. I also would never have thought for a second nintendo would be so far ahead

Sheikh Yerbouti4075d ago

but I'm expecting a multiplatform Metal Gear 5 from Kojima. I think the 360 can run with PS3 on the title, as long as it isn't the lead platform.

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kurochi4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

it's Metal Gear Solid 5. But what does the countdown mean? 52 days 'til what? A new game or some add-on to MGS 4? I've only played MGS4 and I'm hooked..... Story, soundtrack, game play, and ambiance are all top-notch work. I'm hoping for an MGS 5 but with only 1 year into releasing 4, they couldn't possible have 5 already, could they??? I'm drooling.....

edit @ below:

All I'm saying is that Kojima-san will have my 60 bucks as soon as the next one's out.

Fishy Fingers4076d ago

Announcing the game doesnt mean it's complete or even close. Often games are announced will be for their release, in many cases, years. Still if they're using the current engine a few years should be plenty of time.

Baka-akaB4076d ago

Yeah but at least every e3 and tgs the mgs had some very awesome trailers , with goofy scenes at the end . In a way , i didnt mind the wait , the longer the more trailers

BubbleSystemSuck4076d ago

MGS 5... only for PS3... and Wii

RememberThe3574076d ago

I could see the head lines now:

"Does Kojima hate Microsfot?"
"Will MGS5 ever come the the 360?"
"Kojima gives America the finger"

Baka-akaB4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

You guys will be so pissed if it's a new ip with a 5 in the title ... "like the 5 pistoleros!!" "the 5 lighting gods!" "Space Channel 5 -III!"

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