Lens of Truth: Terminator Salvation Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "This week at the Lens of Truth we had an amazing opportunity to play the much anticipated Terminator Salvation almost a week before the release date. This exclusive was made possible because the amazing staff at Play N Trade (Oviedo, FL) who let us borrow their store preview copy for this Head2Head. So stick around to see which game was by far the supreme machine and which should have been terminated on completion!"

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RudeSole Devil3442d ago

I never thought this day would come, the Xbox 360 losing to the PS3 and really bad. Well every dog gets a bone once in a while. So enjoy this victory you PS3 fan boys because it wont last long....

evildeli3442d ago

I can't believe the Xbox is missing volumetric fog. How did they forget to port over the fog to the xbox?

bullswar3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Well ... is a capable website ... but I really didn't understand whats wrong with them this time .... I'm bit skeptical that might have been paid to promote PS3 version of game.

Its just like reporting the false news contrary to what actually happened.

Alright this game is developed using Unreal Engine ... now first of all consider the following.

Head 2 Head First Picture.

Xbox 360 version is clearly superior as it is cabable of producing dynamic self shadows. Shadow detail in PS3 version gives impression of daytime shadows when clearly it is a night time ... its is just toooo bright, everything is lit and clearly visible ... considering there are no street lamps or light source available and if anyone tried walking under clear moonlight ... shadow detail what u get in Xbox 360 version is exactly what u get. Shadow detail information in PS3 is just wrong. look at the wall it is completely lit whereas Xbox 360 wall shows uniformity how it should look under moonlight.

Missing Volumetric effect.

Im not quite sure ... it does seem that this level was designed at two different times (day or night). Cuz Xbox 360 represents detail which is perfect for night time. While PS3 gives information when sun is at 3'O-Clock. Look at the shotgun texture difference ... Xbox 360 looks much more real as its worn out .... whereas PS3 looks fresh out of the oven.

The PlayStation 3 version has an issue with the ceiling.

Well this image is a prime example that PS3 is not capable of producing self shadows or dynamic self shadows .. resulting in displaying wrong information.

Notice the Xbox 360 version is missing the specular map making for a less detailed environment

Well lemme reiterate that during night time you dont get see the shadow detail as clealy as daylight ... PS3 is displaying wrong shadow detail ... it is just tooooo bright ... whereas Xbox 360 is displaying right shadow detail.

siyrobbo3442d ago

this game does not run on the unreal engine, it runs on the diesel engine

OGharryjoysticks3442d ago

I see where you're trying to go with it, but it's a movie game. Do you honestly think they have where it follows time through day and night cycles instead of being on rails.

morganfell3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

PS3 can't produce dynamic self shadows? Yeah, right. Look, the 360 overall came up short. End of story. The PS3 version has it's issues here. No question but overall the difference is fairly clear and the PS3 took this one.

That isn't the issue bigger issue though. It's continuity. That affects both versions. Anyone that has been around development can see the obvious points in the game where the dev team went through and cut items in order to meet a deadline. It's why many of the scenes seem disconnected as you move from level point to level point.

There are other matters as well. A Ma Deuce definitely should rock the entire screen. Four things say you are racking away with a 50 in real life and should do likewise in a game. Vibration, sound, visual distortion, and muzzle flash. If you want to go six you can say tracers and impact sign. Those items are either poorly instituted or not present. All weapons sounds and firing effects are grossly understated.

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XboxGirl3442d ago

How the heck did the Xbox lose to the PS3. This must be a mistake because the Xbox never loses these comparisons. I'm not worried because the PS3 can win one every year. LOL

ultimolu3442d ago

Maybe because both consoles have their strengths/weaknesses!

Le gasp!

3442d ago
GUNS N SWORDS3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

no, 360's capable of doing more and so is ps3, the game really isn't worth the arguing over for. i could run the game on my pc at 1920x1200 but it just isn't worth the time, space, or even the money.

Kleptic3442d ago

the site is not loading for me for whatever reason...

but if its true what many are saying in the comments...that the 360 version struggles with volumetric particle effects...doesn't that translate exactly that article earlier that crytek just put up?...that the 360's strengths usually translate into shader bandwidth...which for the most part translates into better texture detail between the two systems when dealing with the same texture banks (which is usually the case for a multiplatform title)...

that is double sided though...where the PS3's architecture and media format allow storage room for uncompressed texture data...which DOES offset the shader weaknesses of the RSX...but because the 360 can't do this at all because of DVD, which does not allow room for uncompressed textures for an HD has not once been used for a multiplatform title...DVD, afterall, is not an HD format...this is exactly where games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 1 and 2 come off with ridiculously perfect texture detail compared to multiplatform B rated games...

on the other side the PS3 shows strengths in calculation intense processing...such as 3D particle effects, procedural processing, such as texture changes and wind calculation, lighting, complex physics based animation patterns, and physics in general...which could be exactly where this multiplatform game is showing better volumetric effects on the PS3...this was stated by Crytek on Sunday...and seems to apply here...

neither system destroys the other overall...but the PS3 definitely has strengths towards newer technology...where as the 360 performs better at tech that his been around since Source and ID Tech 4 engine's release 5 years...and because of that, quite often out performs the PS3 in areas that create great static screen shots...everything the PS3 does best usually involves seeing the game in motion...but whatever...people have their opinions on both systems already...neither side will be convinced that their console isn't better in every matter how many developers tell them the truth...

XboxBoy3442d ago

SHut your trap and make me some eggs.

OGharryjoysticks3442d ago

stay in school. You're onto something.

Bathyj3442d ago

Actually Xbox loses almost as many of these rediculous comparisons as it wins although not usually this bad. We just dont go on about them for 2 years because we're more interested in our real games, the ones we bought the system for, exclusives. I could care less than the PS3 version canes the XB version of movie tie in.

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jaidek3442d ago

yeah, the Xbox 360 version of this game looks rough. It's amazing how bad a port can go.

jack_burt0n3442d ago

LOL screen tearing is so bad i want to puke, what!? did he only just notice check out bionic commando, and red faction its so so bad and the ps3 has none. PS3 is best all round with all the recent multi plats seriously.

XboxGirl3442d ago Show
ActionBastard3442d ago you look like Greenburg?

Pennywise3442d ago


wowomg is old news. Reported.

PirateThom3442d ago

I hope they patch some colour into this game.

3442d ago
Kain813442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

and it will cost you only 1200M$points/10$

ActionBastard3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

You make girl gamers very, very proud.

"Sony paid this developer off to make the Xbox 360 version suck. That's the only logical answer."

That is CLASSIC!

ultimolu3442d ago

Lol, XBoxGirl is only saying these things to get attention.

solidjun53442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

he/she will call you deragatory names and say something along the lines of "I hope you get disease 'X' and die".

Anyway, how short is this game? It only has like 11 acheivements/trophies (I'm just assuming this is an indication of the lenght of the game...I could be wrong). Anyway, I wasn't interesting in this game and this day and age, I have to be careful with how I spend money on games (i.e., which game is worth the money). However, I must say that the Wolverine game was quite a pleasant surprise. I'm having a blast with that one.

ActionBastard3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Bubbles! For 2 reasons:

1)Mos Def is the sh!t
2)Wolverine is unbelievably enjoyable. I can't stop playing.

EDIT: Black on Both Sides is one of the best hip hop albums ever, IMO. HIP HOP...not that Soulja Boy BS. I'm listening to Talib too, The Blast, one of my all time favs. Next up...Goodie Mob.

EDIT EDIT: Hip Hop is dead. It's now all this commercial Coke/Pepsi ad garbage. I like more Devin the Dude, Goodie Mob, Big L, Killer Mike, Cool Breeze, Bun B, Nas, Ghostface, Black Moon, Boot Camp Clique, early Ice Cube (Death Certificate!)etc. Damn, I miss the good ole days.

solidjun53442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

This is still one of my favorite albums of all times. I have a list of 20 and it's in there. I know it's off-topic but I'm listening to Talib Kweli 'Quality' album right now.

Wolverine surprised the hell out of me. I expect it to be cheap movie tie-in but walked away enjoying the fun factor with the game. That's how movie tie-ins should be played.

bubbles up homie.

EDIT: ooo that's a good one. I'm doing duty with 'Quality' and Relapse (Eminem). After that, I'll go back and listen to Little Brother; The minstral. I love Goodie Mob too. Good music right there. I hate that Soulja Boi music mess. That's why I supported Nas (still one of my favorite) when he came out with that 'Hip Hop is Dead' album. I believed it too.

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