Rumor: Massive Ratchet & Clank DLC Incoming for LittleBigPlanet

GOONL!NE: "Now, this is a very interesting one if this pans out, especially as it's Sony's E3 press conference 2 weeks tonight. It seems that LittleBigPlanet maybe welcoming a Lombax and robot companion to it's ranks as Ratchet & Clank seems set to join Metal Gear Solid as a game to recieve a massive DLC boost on LittleBigPlanet."

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Mucudadada4074d ago

Hellz Ya! Where's my Scrunch costume?

RememberThe3574074d ago

This is freakin awesome.You can't help but love both of these games, it's a no brainier to put them together.

Freak of Nature4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Two of my favorites.... Quirky,stylish and creative...

I wonder if their will be any new "game changing" elements...A new game mechanic that opens up even more possibilities for user created levels for the future....

atmospheric effects like wind and lightening,Fluids???

I bet we get some fantastic new weapons being a R&C DC pack...

And a surprise or two? Would be extra frosting...

irish-leprecaun4074d ago

the disagree fairy!! my alltime enemy!!

Johnny Rotten4074d ago

awwwe that little guy sure knows how to make friends!

Fishy Fingers4074d ago

The MGS pack is the only DLC I've bought for LBP. I want the levels you see, I find there are already enough stickers/costume options to keep me satisfied. Hopefully, they add a new gameplay mechanic like the paint ball gun. That was just a revelation!

Cajun Chicken4074d ago

Swingshot has to be in there. One of the only gadgets in nearly every R&C title.

cranium4074d ago

Charge/magnet boots would be awesome.

Buttons4074d ago

What about the Groovitron of ToD?

SpoonyRedMage4074d ago

I think this is Sony's idea of advertisement.

I guess it works...

Menchi4074d ago

Or you know, it's just a way of adding additional content to a game people seem to enjoy?

SpoonyRedMage4074d ago

Well yeh but I think this is an awesome way of advertising simple because it does both of the things. It offer players the chance to play levels based on their favourite franchises and new content for a good game but it also builds hype for the other franchises and may also provide a window for the more casual player who may have lbp but never played MGS.

Great idea.

Cajun Chicken4074d ago

Nah, its just fanservice, LBP was designed for this to happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.