Lead Designer of Halo Wars responds to new Halo Wars DLC Controversy

None of the DLC was on the disc when it shipped. The game modes are a small download because they are rules. There is some new content, but it's obviously a different type of content compared to a map. Also, the recent patch added a bunch of missing support/engine groundwork for both DLCs.

We are limited in the number of matchmaking buckets we can use due to Live. We left a bunch of buckets available for the DLC, but perhaps we made too many team oriented buckets. We'll evaluate changing/modifying that as we get feedback. FWIW, since the DLC modes are generally more team-based than the default game, we skewed the new hoppers to be team-focused as well.


Dave Pottinger
Lead Designer, Halo Wars

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outlawlife4069d ago

its a digital container, basically like a slot

they have x amount of slots to work with that hold x amount of gametypes

caladbolg7774069d ago

Anyone know the release date on Halo Wars PC?

SpoonyRedMage4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I think more people are bothered about the price guys. It's a bit costly.

EDIT: and when I say "a bit costly" I mean right rip off.

menoyou4069d ago

Yup, it's ridiculous to pay that much money just for a few changes in the code. He said it's just rules so this is pretty much barely any work for developers.

Anyone who buys this DLC is killing gaming.

deadlyliquidx4069d ago

I bet you this thing is gonna be filled with ps3 trolls.
it disgusts me that im a cow to see all these fanboys.

add me on psn tho : deadlyliquidx

Elven64069d ago

Yea this is pretty much what every non fanboy was trying to explain but of course people started to jump to conclusions for no reason. IMO the price for this is way to high, I'm all for helping new studios and stuff but they should have added a bit more for $10.

Hububla4069d ago

Why in the hell do people pay for this garbage!? I mean cmon! 10$!? for example on dawn of war 2 they added 4 new maps and a 2v2 mode as well as lots of new wargear for single player and guess how much it cost!? NOTHING how the hell can these companies justify charging for something that should be in a patch.... this is why im starting to go back to PC gaming more and more... between the free updates and patches and all the mods out for pretty much every game.. at least you get ur moneys worth..

table4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Since when was DLC not a rip-off?! They are all taking us consumers to the cleaners. It's a load of BS!

Still buy it sometimes though... >_>

Elven64069d ago

Depends what kind of DLC for me, if it adds more to the singeplayer experience (GTA IV) OR multiplayer (various map packs, playlists, etc) then I'm all for it.

SpoonyRedMage4069d ago

What about all the free stuff? I've got loads of Halo 3 Levels, Rainbow Six levels, Army of Two levels, stuff for Infinite Undiscovery and some new stuff for The Last Remnant. Oh, and survival mode for L4D.

Definately not a rip off.

table4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

obviously i meant DLC that you have to pay for Spoony...

The DLC we pay for is stuff that is held back deliberately so that they can charge us for it at a later date (think CoD, KZ2, RE5). It's a big scam that some of us are too blind to see. Don't kid yourself into thinking that they are actually doing us a favour. The bottom line is all DLC should be free with some exceptions like for GTA but even it is overpriced.

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