Counter-Strike 1.6 update now available

An update for Valve's classic FPS Counter-Strike has been released and is now available for download.

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deadlyliquidx3437d ago

i wish counterstrike would come to consoles :(

add me on psn: deadlyliquidx

peeps3437d ago

it did lol was out on the original xbox

it's just not the same though cus cs is all about the quick and accurate reactions, and although i do think analogues are a nice way to play, they're not as fast or as accurate as a mouse (hence why nearly all fps games have aim assist)

phosphor1123437d ago

I'm sorry to say. It was like CS:CZ..which was garbage..anyways

I'm sad they fixed those bugs..The infinite smoke bounce was fun lol.

STK0263437d ago

CS belongs on PC. Some games just are a better fit on consoles or on PC.

For example, Starcraft 2, CS and World of Warcraft are meant to be played on PC. CS is still relevant today mostly because it's tournament material, so having an aim-assisted version on console (because it would be like most shooters on console) would only please those unwilling to play on a competitive level. Also, CS and even CS:S can be run on a very low end PC, don't be cheap, if you want to play CS, buy yourself a PC. The same applies for those asking for WoW on console.

When you look at games that were developped as PC games and were then ported on consoles, the results are rather mixed. Sure the Orange Box works well, but it's online portion (TF2) is much better on PC for various reasons. Red Alert 3, while enjoyable on 360 or PS3, is in every way better on PC.

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bermcg3437d ago

Valve releases update to (even) 1.6... for CSS, nothing. ¬¬'

Matpan3437d ago

I still like 1.6 over Source anyways :P...

not that source is bad or anything. 1.6 feels more CS than source, and of course there is the nostalgia and "being used to" factor.

peeps3437d ago

maybe i'm an idiot... but i always thought the original cs was referred to as cs 1.6 because that was the last patch it got 1.6?

spontaneous3437d ago

@ peeps
You got it half right ,it was a bit confusing to me too. The original CS was called well... CS, and was a mod. It was later released and subsequent versions were called 1.1, 1.2 etc. 1.6 was their final version of the game.

silverchode3437d ago

counter strike is too good for consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.