TGR: Patapon 2 Review

"People always wonder why I like the Dynasty Warrior games. "Each one is the same," they'll say, "how could you possibly like them?" The answer is simple enough, yet they never really understand it. It's that I liked the first game so much that the new ones just give me an excuse to play the same game once more. If you feel the same way, and if you enjoyed Pyramid's innovative musical strategy title Patapon, then you're probably going to enjoy Patapon 2. All of the successes and failures from the original game appear in its sequel, and while that will be just fine for some gamers, it will be a stellar disappointment for most."

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ihaten4glol3439d ago

I've never gotten to play the original Patapon, but this one sounds like I'd enjoy it, and the sequel as well. I just hate paying a lot for PSP games that I'll finish quickly.

Viewtiful3439d ago

I absolutely ADORED the original Patapon, so it shocks me to see it get only an above average score. The original was one of my fav games of 08.

SirLarr3439d ago

Then from the sounds of it you should jump on the sequel.

SlamVanderhuge3439d ago

Im still working my way through the original Pata, but its disheartening to see that 2 is just a rehash. Oh well...back on the shelf you go, Mr. PSP

NeverforgetNES3439d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of the PSP, but Patapon is awesome.

xabmol3438d ago

They have no taste.

Go to metacritic and see all the real reviews.

IGN gave it a 9.5 and that is what I would score it as well. This game is crack for your PSP. Get this game and prepare to forget about console gaming for a week.

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