Fat Princess dev diary: Ah, for the love of cake

Deborah Mars from US Playstation.Blog writes:

"Hey Everyone,

This is Deb Mars, Managing Producer at SCEA Santa Monica Studio. Some of you may know me from spreading all that PixelJunk love around this here blog space. But I'm here now to introduce you to a brand new PSN title that we're pleased as punch…well, really…pleased as cake to talk about Fat Princess.

Some of you may have seen this video already in the Theater in HOME between May 7 and May 14. There was a small mention of it in this post about HOME updates. We put up the video in HOME first as an exclusive for you eager souls looking to get a bigger, better, badder glimpse of our dear Fat Princess in all its glory."

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Hallucinate3438d ago

only thing im not liking about this game is the symmetrical maps