Release date of I Am Alive stated for 31 juli?

PS3-Sense writes: "At the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles, America you can expect more footage of the upcoming game I Am Alive from Ubisoft. But today we have the release date. Without an official announcement the game will be on the 31st of July this year in the gameshops."

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Foxgod3531d ago

Cool, they use the MS way to build hype for games.
Keep it quiet, then release info, and shortly after release the game.

doctorstrange3531d ago

This game has had absolutely no hype, I suppose they may have a short but explosive advertising and hype campaign, but I don't see why.

mastiffchild3531d ago

I agree. We 'haven't heard a thing really since last year and we're expected to think it'll be out in 6 weeks or so? There were rumours a while ago that the game was in a little trouble as well, so who knows what's going on?

Could easily be a typo or human error at Play, couldn't it?