Guardian: Rock Revolution Review

Guardian writes: "Cheap but definitely not cheerful, Rock Revolution is a shoddy cash-in on the Guitar Hero/Rock Band genre. As with those games, you plug in your plastic instrument and strum/whack/sing away.

Except you can't sing in this game. In fact, the only bright spot for Rock Revolution is that you can use most of your Guitar Hero/Rock Band instruments with the game. But don't get too excited. This is a mess of a game that screws up what makes the genre such fun. Weak cover versions instead of licenced tracks and lack of online options (tracks are only available to download on the Wii version) are one thing."

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Frulond4063d ago

it's been a loooooong time since this game was released, I believe around october last year or something

Pennywise4063d ago

Never to late to rub in the fact that this game sucks!