Fnatic Team World Number 1 in Counter Strike

CriousGamer Writes...G7 has updated their Counter-Strike Rankings by taking the latest results of DTS-Cup and KODE5 Grand Finals into account. The Scandinavian trio of FnaticMSI, SK-Gaming and mTw find themselves in the top three of the world

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Steve0073441d ago

Am i the only one who has never heard of this freakin team.

Th3 Chr0nic3441d ago

nope never, i used to play CSS like mad a few years ago. cal and such. got sick of it

M4I0N33441d ago

never heard of them either

-Mezzo-3440d ago

May be you and (steve007)just play games do not care about who's #1.......Just like Me. :P

deadlyliquidx3440d ago

the graphics and gameplay is outrated, how can people still play that game?
i once played red fraction yesterday, and i was disgusted at myself for playing it, it sickened me that it had terrible graphics.
i spat on myself for it and id spit on anyone else who plays a game > 5 years old with outdated graphics, those people disgust me and are lowlifes, and probably are immoral too.

Montrealien3440d ago

I see what you are doing here. I guess some people need to be hated to feel loved. Daddy issues?

poindat3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Please tell me that that is sarcasm. I'm getting that vibe, but I don't know.

Well in case it isn't, I think most gamers (except for you) revisit older games. The graphics may age, but quality gameplay is timeless. What was fun 5 or 10 or 20 years ago can still be fun now. Don't be so ignorant.

deadlyliquidx3440d ago

your reply was completely unrelated to the topic, your obviously a low-life who has nothing better to do except follow me. keep your comments to yourself.

deadlyliquidx3440d ago

people who play games with bad graphics are obviously ok with doing so. which gave rise to the wii. If people are disgusted by bad graphics enough not to play games, then true progress will continue in graphics. Graphics is what matters the most and people need to see that.
Coming into this gen i was hoping for crysis very high graphics to be the norm, not an unreachable point for current gen consoles.
I dont want to make the same mistake twice, if i do, there will be deadly consequences.

Mikerra173440d ago

I like to go back and play star wars battlefront, also I like playing retro games like space invaders, galaga, etc.

I think its very strange you feel sick if you dont play a game with updated graphics.

I guess the only game you can possibly be into is KZ2 mainly because nothing else compares graphicly, if you play COD4 or any previous game you should feel sick, is this the case?

Uzesgelen_Goo3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

i still playes CS at local gaming place with bet lol.
someway it's better than CoD4. also i thougth Fnatic was chinese team lol guess my wrong (^_^')

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akumaaa3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

you sound like one of those kids thats just bad at fps's period your what we call a RANDOM, lol graphic's mean nothing when it come to great multiplayer you wouldnt know that:)

deadlyliquidx3440d ago

ill own you, and resistance 2 as well.
im not soo good in KZ2 tho....
but ill own u on everything else.
i take adderall for studying and working out, but it also increases ur senses and stuff so please add me on PSN and get owned
psn id: deadlyliquidx