IGN UK: Blur Hands-On

A mob of neon-clad kids wave glowsticks as they gather on the bridge over Shoreditch High Street, the light projectors they've set up describing flashing chevrons on the barfronts of East London's self-professed capital of cool. They're here to see an ad-lib street race, having found details of the event through a Facebook for petrolheads and, on-cue, a gaggle of cars race up Hackney Road to Haggerston Park, leaving bright phosphorous trails in their wake. Forget what you might have read; this isn't simply Forza meets Mario Kart, it's Project Gotham gone Nu Rave.

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ShinFuYux3437d ago

I would of imagined they would of used the PGR graphic engine...

But this doesn't look anything like it..