World of Warcraft # 22 Hints New Council of Tirisfal

DC Comics and Wildstorm released the solicitations for World of Warcraft # 22 due August 19. Lore fans are excited to hear the Council of Tirisfal will be reborn.

This was somewhat hinted by Chris Metzen in a video interview at the New York Comic Con during the book signing session at the Simon & Schuster, Inc. Pocket Books booth.

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Medievaldragon3492d ago

I can't wait to get this comic book issue on my hands. The solicitations was very short and vague. The only way to find out why the Council of Tirisfal is reborn is reading it this August 19.

I have some suspicions though. Maybe Aegwynn, Meryl, Med'an, Jaina Proudmoore and Valeera are involved as founding members of this new incarnation.

Leord3492d ago

This is the perfect series for Lore nerds like me. And MD above, it seems XD

Dorjan3492d ago

haha nerd! :D

(we're all nerds here i'm sure)

AndyA3492d ago

Love the lore series.