CyndoniaX Talks About the Big Picture in Home

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"In a recent post on the PlayStation Forums, CyndoniaX detailed PlayStation Home's 1.21 update. But what really grabbed everyone's interest is the fact that she briefly spoke about picture frames. And guess what? They are coming…"

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DoucheVader3465d ago

Pic Frames, TVs and Trophy Room!

Where is my Trophy Room?

lh_swe3465d ago

I was very excited when I saw virtual stereos and TV's in Home, It would have been soo cool if I could stream movies or series off my virtual TV to friends across the world.

Araceae3465d ago

The pictures will be nice, as it is weird to have so much blank wall space in your apartment. However, I’m more interested in a Trophy Room or being about to attend trade shows via home (like E3).

Rifle-Man3465d ago

My apartment is totally useless to me, so I don't see what would be so great about picture frames. I need a reason to hang out there, stuff to show off, like TVs, stereos, arcade games, a trophy room, etc.

Sev3465d ago

I would also like an exotic dancer option please.

Scolar Visari3464d ago

I also want the trophy room. Maybe we'll see something at E3?