Report: Half US adult population are gamers with active lives

MarketResearch has announced the results of a new report, "Packaged Facts", that announces that not only do half the adults in the United States, roughly 114 million of them, play video games, but they're not the stereotypical couch potatos they're portrayed as being - if anything, they're the opposite.

And I'm assuming, Mr. Thompson, that by "active", the report doesn't mean actively buying guns and shooting up strip malls. Video games, like any other entertainment/art form, is slowly permeating through our culture. The preteen gamers of the late 70's are becoming middle-aged gamers of today - and they enjoy more than just video games.

In short: video games are a hobby, like any other popular activity.

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Rob Hornecker4070d ago

Another great post from my friends at 2old2play! I have been playing video games since I bought my 1st Balley arcade in 1972 and have been playing ever since. At 53 ,I consider myself as a active adult gamer and find that playing video games a excellent form of stress relief.

I'm always amazed when playing a bunch of kids that don't know me and the comments they make when they ask me "how old are you"? and "Your kids let you play video games"? They freak out when I tell them sorry NO kids and it's my game console.There response is always "aren't you to old to play games"? to which I respond with "gee is there a age limit to play on here"!

If you are a adult gamer,you owe it to yourself to check out 2old2play's web site.

Once agian ,THANK YOU for the post on this subject.

JonahFalcon4070d ago

It's not a 2old2play article - it's a GameStooge article (one of 2old2play's sister sites) I picked the 2old2play logo because it's rep of the 30's gamer (and the alt text on the pic in the article says: "Not anymore".