RIP standalone network media players

Do you own a standalone network media player? It has been revealed that HP and Linksys are discontinuing some of their media player products due to a decline in interest. Cnet has writtten an article about this and has suggest that both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 offer great network media capabilities.

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Forrest Gump3441d ago

Duh,only people without Ps3s whine about Ps3 updates.

Lifendz3441d ago

and only people that own PS3s seem to bish about the price drop. Bubbles up.

masterg3441d ago

I have both consoles.
The PS3 works perfectly with PS3 Java Media Server. I simply haven't downloaded a single file that could not play over my network.

The 360 is a whole other story. The playback support when using the Media Center Extender is so crappy it's unbelievable. Almost nothing works. When I use it with Tversity is does alright, but it still has like 10-15% of the files that can not play.

WhittO3441d ago

The last FW update added more Divx support because my ps3 now plays the video files that it couldn't before the FW update, there is now almost no files in my media library that the ps3 cannot play.

I keep thinking how many features you get with the ps3 for the price, notice how almost noone says the ps3 is "over-priced" anymore, because it never was, it was actually a great price for the features it has and people are now realising what the ps3 can do for that money and comparing it to the Wii lol (which is WWAAYY over-priced when you consider what it actually does - basically a ps2 with motion controls).

kevnb3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

you can copy to the harddrive, there is support for dts audio if you have an hdmi receiver (it can convert to ac3 otherwise), it can transcode on the fly if needed, and best of all you don't even need alot of cpu power run these programs on a your pc. Im not too excited for divx support, hidef .mkv support would be nice.

gaffyh3441d ago

@masterg - This is just a general thing, but usually TVersity has problems when there are conflicting codecs. So if you uninstall all your codecs, and download K-Lite codec pack. Set everything to FFDShow and it transcodes a lot better. But this was an issue with my computer, when I was trying to use TVersity with my PS3.

50CALheadshot3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

always tweaking, always adding more horsepower(functions).

come to think of it, the ps3 really is a high quality Upgradeable multifunction multimedia device.

ShabzS3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

is it plays only avi, wmv's (that too specific limited codecs) wma and mp3... the other gripe i have is i cant save songs onto my hard drive with out having to convert it first into a wma format... everything is windows oriented... not all mp4 playbacks work ... no mkv's, no flv... all be it i use it mostly for avi and mp3 streaming... but still i cant watch my hd mkv files on the tele..

oohWii3441d ago

Actually PS3 fans whine on a regular basis, if the sun is up, PS3 fans a surfing the net to either of two things. Something to b!tch and whine about or something to boast or brag about like this silly little article.

prunchess3441d ago

I reckon it's the best out there. It was a bit hit and miss what it would play at the start but the current version is really great. So much so that I am actually considering purchasing the pro version.

aksmashh3441d ago

I'll Rather Have Bigger Updates
& Im Still Waiting For Game Invites & InGame Chat?
Come On Its Been Almost 3 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Anyway Its The Best Multimedia System About: Games,Movies,Music & Internet
If It Made Food You People Wouldn't Go Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

SaiyanFury3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

For me the single reason the PS3 is the better media streamer is the fact that it's wireless out of the box. The fact that it's enhanced through updates just sweetens the deal for me. I have some files that don't want to play but the great majority of them do just fine.

RememberThe3573441d ago

I got the same impression. But now the same files don't have audio support.

When I first saw the video playing I was syked. Then I realized that the audio wasn't working, and I had one of the "so close yet so far away" moments.

FamilyGuy3441d ago

I had the EXACT same feeling. I was like "Oh Sh!t! It's playing now" then the audio didn't come in :(

I still think it's great, i use my PS3 so much it is the absolute best piece on electronic in my house. If it broke 3 times id still buy another but it's also has reliability so its just win all around.

Media server wise:

PS3 Java Media Server is king, screw TVersity
Did it always play/transcode rmvb files? My old one piece episode are thankful.
It also will read videos and pictures that are in rar files so i can for example download naruto mangas to my pc then read them on my PS3 with it's sit-back-and-relax photo viewer, flipping and zooming the image as needed.

MkvToVob is a great lil program too.

JasonXE3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I can play Naruto on my 360, didn't work in the past with my ps3 (gave error). I'll give it another shot later and see if the firmware upgrades help.

WhittO3441d ago

the files that now play on mine also have audio too, although there is a couple of movies that play without audio - or it sort of stutters on and off

50CALheadshot3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

yeah. ill just add:

Thats why the ps3 is so efficient: it can convert those files on the fly and stream them to your output.

not only that, but if you have a nice setup it also does dtshd and masteraudiohd.

Frankly, this article is a headshot in the ps3s crosshairs.

xwabbit3440d ago

They changed the original title of the article xD

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sonarus3441d ago

weak. i dnt see how 360 being a full windows media extender can be inferior to PS3 streaming. I have both consoles and i play PS3 10x more than 360 but PS3 imo is the better media streamer. But then again i don't use random media servers i just use windows for both

sonarus3441d ago

sorry meant to say 360 streaming is greater than PS3 streamin at least when i'm using windows as my server. I don't use any other server and don't really care to

prunchess3441d ago

You should try Tversity it's much better than Windows media server and you don't have to choose one over the other they will both work simultaneously. Try it out. You can always uninstall it if you really dislike it but I'd be surprised if you did.

Microsoft Xbox 3603441d ago

Java PS3 Media Server owns anything out there.

RememberThe3573441d ago

I'm using that right now. Watching Gang Related. Why? Because I can.

FamilyGuy3441d ago

Pay attention people, things like this aren't said for no reason. PS3wise it's the best thing out there and it makes the PS3 much better than any of the media severs that are compatible with the 360.

Notice how there is no doubt or "it's pretty good"-like statements about it. It is THE best. Not only that, it's interface is user friendly, all you need is to know is how to read.

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Daz3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I dont use media serverces i us them for games what they are ment for :P

snaz273441d ago

"oh my dear i dont use the camera its for making phonecalls" "oh no i dont want to play games on my phone is just to talk to ethel, what it was made for" "i dont want to go on the internet, its just there so i can ring my gp"... personally i love all the features of my ps3 and even if i dont use them all now doesnt mean i never will, bring on the features sony i want more! oh and as the mobile phone features dont stop you making phone calls, neither does the ps3 features stop you playing kick ass games! its just a bonus it can do other stuff and i love it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3441d ago

Problem is, it is no longer made for one thing....

SL1M DADDY3441d ago

He will soon discover that electronic devices made in this day and age are allowed to serve more than a single function and are far more versatile than the Atari 2600. In the meantime, somebody should let him know that the World is round and not flat. ;-)

snaz273441d ago

idlelee... why is that a problem? my word! its fantastic! i love lazing on my coach and scrolling through the net on my 42" plasma! i love downloading films direct to my ps3 for free! how is that a problem? the console side of things is still s!it hot isnt it? i mean if it still looked and played like the ps2 and it was because of the features then id agree but its far from it... even the blu-ray feature is now coming apparent that it not only plays the best quality movies out there but its also benefiting gaming, so please explain?

raztad3441d ago

Its true that the PS3, above everything else, is a gaming console, but not to use it as a BD player, as a music/video/multimedia content sever is just a WASTE.

SL1M DADDY3441d ago

Yeah sure it was made for the purpose of getting you from point A to point B but why not listen to the radio on the way. Stop by the local fast food joint and pick up a soda and set it in the cup holders. Feel free to use the back seat in any manner you see fit but for crying out loud man, if the options are there, use them!

Armyless3441d ago

I wouldn't buy a Blu-Ray player to sit next to my PS3 just because I was too stubborn to watch a movie on a game console.

snaz273441d ago

and what gets me more than anything else is that alot of these features we have now are free! and brought out after weve purchased our consoles! sony doesnt have to do it really it could be like it was before kinda sold as seen... but know i love the little suprises we get with each update... keeps the ps3 fresh and new... and what suprises me more than anything is even while they are doing this they still find time to bring out loads and loads of top notch exclusives for us! really us gamers are spoiled this gen! and some of us still aint happy lol

shawnsl653441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

it seems like someone rather ride a horse to get to places. Catch my drift? ~_^

I mean why use a car with all the built in radio, sun roof, air conditioning, cup holder.. when you can just use a horse! Sure it doesn't provide all the bonuses of a car. Sure it gets you to places slower than a car, but it does the job of getting you to your destination. ha ha ha~!

I use my PS3(and all its functions) to drift and do 10secs and under for 1/4miles.
I use my PS3(only for gaming) to jump over fences and the kentucky derby.

IdleLeeSiuLung3441d ago

My point was that devices are no longer made for one thing, so the notion that I will use 'it' for what 'it' was intended for doesn't really apply anymore.

Personally, I would prefer smaller and lighter cell phones rather than including a camera. I guess these days they have gotten pretty good and doesn't take up as much space anymore.

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THC CELL3441d ago

i use the ps3 for everything
man if it could make my coffee i would even use it for that

ps3 is one of the best consoles today even past present future
dont knock it till ya try it

-MoOkS-3441d ago

Xbox 360 is primarily a gaming machine.
Ps3 is primarily a blu-ray player/ media player.

UltimateIdiot9113441d ago

You don't have a PS3, do you?
If you did, you would know it's a great system for games, media, pictures, etc.
Any gamer can tell you the PS3 is quite a beast of a gaming console.

-MoOkS-3441d ago

After getting a 360, I realised that the ps3 just doesn't feel like a gaming console. The 360 feels just like the ps2, it was built for games. It's a hard feeling to discribe, buy a 360 and you'll know what i'm talking about.

ultimolu3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )


Please do because I don't see how anyone could still own a console and still attack everything that's on it. I guess there's nothing on that system you like, right?

And another thing, don't send me a PM insulting me like the little fanbaby that you are. It's not my fault that you're butthurt over the DLC the PS3 received.

ptotoy3441d ago

we are half way through 2009 and the ps3 have seen 3 triple A exclusives

crabox, none. just flops like ninny blade, gaylo warz, star ocean lost hope, velvet ass..

-MoOkS-3441d ago

Your the one who tries and argues with me by PM. You've started 2 arguments, both of which I proved you wrong. I was just responding to the last message you sent me.

Get over yourself.

pwnsause3441d ago

"The 360 feels just like the ps2, it was built for games"

yea, I bought a PS2 for Games and movies. seriously mooks, GTFO with bulls**t.

Bladestar3441d ago

Well... "You don't have a PS3, do you? " I do... and I agree... the PS3 is a primarily a media player.. hence why it feels like an expensive movie player...

It has the complexity and feel of it and one can tell what Sony's priorities are every time a new firmware update comes out... take a look at most of Sony's firmware updates and 95% if not 100% of them are related to non-game related updates... but marketplace, media capabilities, encoding, etc...

I mean... one would think that after 2-3 years they would have game related features like cross game voice chat, cross game invites and even cross game party system... many of these features were already available on the original xbox.

UltimateIdiot9113441d ago

I don't know what you are talking about but Sony updates have definitely improve gaming experiences over time. There is Homes, many might not think of it as a gaming experience but it's definitely something a lot of PS3 owners do check out. It has added trophies, chatroom, ability to take in game screenshot, ability to recorded and a few other fix here and there with more to come. Also, often time the gaming experience is improve with game developers updating their games with patches.

Some games do support cross invite, sure it may not quit the game for you and load another one up automatically but the option is there. I'm not seeing how a cross game chat improves the gaming experience. Aside from these, Sony got many of their bases cover in terms of gaming.

ultimolu3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

You PM'd me twice you moron. I only PM'd you once because I was curious as to why you had so much hatred for the PS3 and yet you own one. I don't understand why one would own a console and yet harbor so much hatred for it.

You might as well sell the damn thing and buy something you're content with!

And you didn't prove me wrong fanbrat. *I* proved you wrong with the bullsh*t you've been bringing up for the last few days.

Hypocritical to the core.

-MoOkS-3441d ago

wow, you are a liar.

First you sent me a random message asking how bluray made the ps3 expensive, I won that arguement.

Then yesterday you send another random message asking why I hate sony so much, and accused me of not being a gamer. I also won that arguement.

I just checked my PM's, and you started every message.

And no i'm not selling my ps3, there's still 2 games I really want to play.

ultimolu3441d ago

You PM'd me twice idiot. You called me ignorant with the first PM you sent me and then you set this one. Do the f*cking Math. You sent two PM's!

Bluray itself is not what made the PS3 expensive once again. I asked you to kindly show evidence that would explain why the PS3 is expensive. If you're proving something, you have to show evidence. You told me to go look it up myself.

Grow up -MoOkS-. You're way too delusional for your own good. You own a PS3 for two games you really want to play and yet you bash the system and Sony 24/7.

Arnon3441d ago

And you care too much. Quit crying... jesus.

pshizle3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

your right...i primary use the ps3 for a bluray player and its great for it. for games i usually go for the xbox360.

people like the xbox360 because it universal with your friends list and games are great. plus the OS is fast, sleek, and gets the job done.

looking foward to never disappoints me at E3.

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