Console Sales - The Report Card Part 2 (Xbox360 vs Playstation3)

Comparison of the sales figures of the xbox 360 and playstation 3.

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Oner3465d ago

This "report card" is only based off of NPD figures. Seems quite odd to be giving sales information that is missing proper data...

Taken from the first article second line ~

"look at the NPD sales data till now to see how they all stack up."

Source -

mastiffchild3465d ago

I don't really trust articles like these. Even if the data was worldwide(there are places outside the US funnily enough)when it isn't clear what either Sony or MS make/lose on each Sku what's the point of it? There's confusion over whether MS tally units shipped or, supposedly like Sony(again we don't really know in every nation), those actually out the door at retail-or even how many are new sales or simply replacements for RROD'd consoles.

There's too many hands in too many pockets here pulling out loose change then telling us it's the national debt of China. Until there's some indisputable and worldwide figures available wouldn't we be better off avoiding stuff like this and the resulting flamewars altogether? Jeez, even he says some of it's a rough guess-marks for trying but, really, I don't see the point with the paucity of data available.

irish-leprecaun3465d ago

did u just say that so u could quickly become the first person to comment without reading it?????????

Droid Smasha3465d ago

Leader in sales and revenue. one system is the clear winner

in before haters....... YES this is sales from NORTH AMERICA nobody cares if its not like that in your town botswanna.

Socomer 19793465d ago

I mean this site is mostly a bunch of europeans... well the 360 fans from this site are and they are always wide eyed for some american sales figures. I dont get it, wheres the national pride?

Fleet Fox3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

How about, who cares?

We know you'd rather them lie than show the real numbers of Xbox 360 spanking PS3's a$$.

LOL @ 2008 Quarter 4. PS3 is getting pwned this generation.

Dead_Cell3465d ago

For a start Europe isn't a nation.
Secondly the majority of Europe despises each other.

Socomer 19793465d ago

I hope you live in america because if you dont and you track npd charts every month than you are the very definition of a self loathing loser.
Just saying.

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The story is too old to be commented.