Interview: The terrifying true story of The Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack

Jeriaska from Gamasutra writes:

"Laura Shigihara is the musician behind the original soundtrack for long in development PC casual game Plants vs. Zombies, a typically addictive addition to the 'tower defense' genre that brings adorable real-time combat to the front lawn.

PopCap's PvZ pits a battalion of vegetation against the tractor-riding, bucket-festooned undead in a race to the porch of your house. Drawing on the traditions of pop music genres and classic console chiptunes, the boisterous blend of audio ideas that make up the background music is part of the game's unique charm.

Here Shigi offers her perspective on the surprisingly deep casual game and its music. An angle on the process underlying the soundtrack and the accompanying online music video, the conversation offers a closer look at one game's mission to poke fun at horror and do so with style..."

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