Want fanboy action? Be watching at 3.00pm BST today

VG247 writes: "If it's fanboy action you want today, be watching at 3.00pm BST. We just got an embargoed press release through that's going to provoke quite a nasty reaction, unless we're very much mistaken.

We say nothing. Watch the mountains."


It's Fallout 3 DLC coming to the PS3.

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fishd4952d ago

Oh snap!
How many hours from now?

Sangria4952d ago

Actually, it's in one hour and a half :D

peeps4952d ago

correct. BST = British Summer Time. Which is GMT+1

It's 1.28 here so expect the news in an hour and a half

Sangria4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Is BST = GMT+1?
Because here in France, it's 2:45 PM and we are at GMT+1, but London is also at GMT+1 and it's 1:45 PM :o
Edit: nevermind, it appears that in summer, France is in GMT+2...

shingo4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Thanks for the correction guys :)

World War III in about an hour from now :O

ZuperAmazingCooKie4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Place your bets:

MGS4 -> 360
FF Versus XIII -> 360
Quantum Theory -> 360
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 -> 360
Ninja Theory -> 360
Mass Effect -> PS3
Mass Effect 2 -> PS3
Left 4 Dead -> PS3
Splinter Cell Conviction -> PS3
Gears of War -> PS3
Gears of War 2 -> PS3
Gears of War 3 -> PS3
Mistwalker -> PS3
Bungie -> PS3

I would list more from PS3 to 360, but most PS3 exclusives are guaranteed to stay exclusive.


Well, I personally hope all of these happen, it would be quite an amuzing 2000 comment thread. Besides, all gamers would be equally happy.

And all games would be equally gimped. :)

Tony P4952d ago

^^^Haha. Heart attacks would ensue over most of those.

My guess is exclusive DLC of some sort.

sack_boi4952d ago

I heard it's DLC related.

ShabzS4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )


shingo4952d ago

i don't like to say this but i'm expecting it's good news for 360 and bad news for PS3 :(

i hope i'm wrong, but in all cases one side will get screwed lol.

leila014952d ago

Given that we always seem to hear the MOST whining about Wii related announcements, I'm expecting something bizarre to be announced for the Wii (primarily for the Wii or only for the Wii) that will irk the HD-guys to the core.

sack_boi4952d ago

So... 43 minutes until some hot fanboy-on-fanboy porn is released?

shingo4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

i can assure you this is definitely 360 vs PS3 :P

FreestyleBarnacle4952d ago

Modern Warfare 2 timed exclusive?

BulletToothtony4952d ago

that actually makes a lot of sense.. in a way...

Not trying to be a fanboy but MS can't come up with an exclusive of their own.. Modern Warfare 2 will be the best selling game this year.. makes sense for MS to invest in it.. again.. they only care about smacking the competition.. not about innovating...

On the other hand they would have to pay A LOT of money for this.. since infinity ward knows damn well that they are gonna sell another 3 to 4 millions on the ps3.. and they may lose money by not releasing at the same time..

It's gonna be something along those lines thou... unless is some bullcrap article made huge by VG247

sack_boi4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

It's PS3 Fallout DLC...
and nobody gives a sh!t

whoelse4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )



leila014952d ago

LOL and another megaton bites the dust

ZuperAmazingCooKie4951d ago

Never thought of DLC as relevant, none of my choices made it lol

pixelsword4951d ago


This was not only predicted, but predicted way earlier than your announcement.

Raoh4951d ago

I'd love to see a MistWalker game make it to the ps3.. its possible.

they are more like a second party developer.. all the 360 exclusives are because microsoft published them. sort of like how ninja theory is a third party developer but sony published heavenly sword

mistwalker is an underrated developer.

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-x.Red.x-4952d ago

let me start it...


Shadow Man4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Microsoft would save that announcement for E3.

deadreckoning6664951d ago

360 FANBOYS: Why is it ur biggest hope that a ONE year old PS3 exclusive arrives on 360, if the xbox 360 SUPPOSEDLY already has the better games and is better console.

ROFL, u started it buddy!

Arnon4951d ago

Because a lot (and I mean a lot) of people look at MGS4 as one of the only reasons to own a PS3 (gaming wise).

Omega44952d ago

Apparently its something to do with DLC

I bets its GTA DLC but i cant see anyone getting pissed over that.....unless its on the PS3.

Or maybe the name of the DLC is the same as the Gamefork rumour, meaning what he said could be true...

-x.Red.x-4952d ago

a sony exclusive going MP
or MS going MP


peeps4952d ago

well they say they think it will provoke a nasty reaction unless they're mistaken. So it can't be super big else they'd know for sure it'll cause fanboys to argue (but whats different on this site lol)

The next GTA DLC coming to PS3/360? would be big news but not that amazing cus of rumors (altho i doubt it myself).

GTA DLC being announced and for 360 only (which we'd expect) but it would get fanboys arguing, 360 fanboys laughing at ps3 fanboys and ps3 fanboys saying things like 'well its a boring game anyway'

not long anyway and then we'll prob all be dissapointed :p

gravv4952d ago

lady gaga the videogame.... exclusive on one console