Bethesda confirms Fallout 3 DLC for PS3, two more DLC releases planned for all three platforms

Bethesda announced today that the previously exclusive downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version of Fallout 3 will be coming to the PlayStation 3. Bethesda has been working on implementing it for a while and are looking forward to bringing it to PS3 gamers via the PlayStation Network. Operation: Anchorage will be released for PS3 in June, followed by the release of The Pitt and Broken Steel 4-6 weeks apart. Release dates will be forthcoming.

In addition, a new update will be released for PS3 that will allow users to download and play the new DLC. The release date for that update will be announced at a later date.

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Forrest Gump4419d ago

Be thankful they released it on 360 first,Ps3 version will have all the kinks ironed out.

Just like Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Ps3.

Jinxstar4419d ago

Meh at least it's even now... I wont be buying it. Or the GTA DLC for that matter. Waste of money on old games... Rather play Zen Pinball...

Mr_Bun4419d ago

I had my fun with Fallout, but I have no reason to go back to a game that froze every 30 minutes

SL1M DADDY4419d ago

This does have to sting for MS. Considering the buggy mess that each of the DLC packs were upon release (I know they work now) I hope that Bethesda learned and releases the DLC for the PS3 bug free... Of course, this is Bethesda... Probably not going to happen but heck, the PS3 owners at least get the new content and that in itself is pretty cool.

Eiffel4419d ago

How would you know you're to busy trolling to really game anyway.

Besides Fallout 3 has bugs, like most games not all can be fixed. Some occur out of random. Some have yet to even be reported.

So your "iron out kinks" motive is completely BS.

jahcure4419d ago

Now we get the pleasure of hearing just how crappy fallout 3 DLC was, and funny enough it's going to be from the xbox 360 side.

One thing i've heard tho is that xbox fans are claiming "who's going to play this now, i've finished it and put it down," yet they clamour to GTA DLC a year after release? What about the other 2 dlc packs for fallout 3? They won't be any good because it's now no longer timed exclusive?

ultimolu4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

Don't you just love double standards jahcure?

I do remember certain 360 fanboys jumping up and down over the Fallout 3 DLC and claiming it'll never come to the PS3.

I don't really care about it because I don't have Fallout 3 but this is just...amusing.

sonarus4419d ago

I don't see why DLC is such a big fukin deal now. Personally i blame microsoft. Since they started hyping up GTA4 DLC to be the best thing since sliced bread, it seems people have fallen for it. Its now like exclusive DLC is a substitute for an exclusive game.

I have no interest in AND exclusive DLC. I only buy DLC for games i LOVED anyway and GTA4 wasn't one of them and i STILL haven't played fallout and if i did it would be on 360 anyway cus PS3 graphics are crap apparently.

I would consider purchasing GTA4 DLC if it was released as a separate game for the PSN...a 3-4GB download that didn't require a disk to play would be cool

BLuKhaos4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

I still haven't played Fallout 3 yet(Persona 3FES is like crack time 10) but I'll buy it new when the game of the year version comes out.

edit:@Forrest Gump;360's are like a box of chocolate, you just don't know what you'll get next.

Lifendz4419d ago

Maybe now I'll pick up Fallout 3. Used off Ebay of course. You want my full retail money then you'll give me a full retail game equal to what the otherside got.

Hellsvacancy4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

I miss the Fallout world

Ill buy the dlc ive wanted it since it came out - i hope they add extra trophies coz i got the Platinum

The Dlc will probably b crap but i dont care i wanna c 4 myself

Thank u Bethesda

Nineball21124419d ago

Hey, I'm excited about this. I really loved Fallout 3, even with some of the bugginess of it.

I've always said that I'd get the DLC if it was available for PS3 owners.

I'm a happy camper. :-)

ShabzS4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

is really the way it should have been ... timed exclusive and exclusive dlc is just not the way it should be... if you wanna get a leg up in the race make full version games for your own system... exclusive dlc's like this and gta especially from third party companies is just baffeling .. i dont see what they have to gain supporting their multiplat game for one system

ZuperAmazingCooKie4419d ago

if tomb raider on ps3 gets the DLC i might buy it

pain777pas4419d ago

Playing Sacred 2 right now and I like it more than Fallout 3 to be honest and I did not like the game that much anyway traded it in a long time ago. Why say anything is exclusive from 3rd parties now a days its just complete hogwash.

antt34419d ago

It's about time we got some good news. I gotta say, the articles here on N4G have made a marked change in the past couple months. I remember when coming here only meant reading a dozen anti-PS3/Sony articles.

I'll be picking up the DLC. Maybe I'll wait for the GOTY disc, but I'm not sure yet...

theEnemy4419d ago

I mean with all the great games coming exclusively to us, I don't even see myself having a thought of purchasing a DLC of a game that has been developed by devs that made PS3 gamers feel less important with all the delays and sh!t they've been doing.

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Pika-pie4419d ago

Hopefully these will be cheaper than the 360 versions. Wheras 360 needed to recover its timed exclusivity costs, Sony doesnt have to do that.. Lets see & fingers crossed!

TheTwelve4419d ago

Looks like I finally have reason to play this game...


andron4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

I knew it would come eventually, but at this point I really don't care.

Between the buggy mess of a game and the handling of the "exclusive" DLC I will skip this one. More than enough great games to play anyway, so it's only Bethesdas loss...

EDIT: But this bodes well for the GTAIV DLC being timed "exclusive" as some of us have been saying for some time now. And that I'm still interested in...

Hellsvacancy4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

Fallout 3's a crazy game man - its sick i know but i kinda find playin Fallout 3 relaxin - *There i am chillin out in The Wastelands listenin to 3Dog (untill i shot him) then sum Raider will turn up and give me jip i just pull-out the Huntin Rifle and shoot him/her in the face slowly watchin his/her brains splatter all over the floor/wall* :-)

Us pot smokers love Fallout 3

TheHater4419d ago

I have to agree. I am also enjoying Sacred 2: Fallen Angel a lot more than I did Fallout 3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

You guys have been crying and whining about this dlc from day one and your not going to buy it? Typical Playstation fans, talk about but never buy it. BTW I wouldn't bet on GTA IV dlc going to the PS3, unless Sony writes a check for $50 million. You should be happy you got this late, even though none of you will even buy it.

syanara4419d ago

i dont seem to remember playstation fans crying over not having it usually when there is an exclusitivity announcement the person who doesnt get it is quiet so in that case it would be the 360 fans who would be talking.

MikeGdaGod4419d ago

i really enjoyed the game and have been thinking about playing it over from the beginning since i'm sure i missed some stuff.

i'd never get the GTA 4 dlc though since i didn't enjoy the game.

-EvoAnubis-4419d ago

Could not possibly agree more. To hell with them and their buggy ass game and their sure-to-be-overpriced DLC.

I'm still pissed off at paying $60 to be a goddamned Fallout 3 beta tester. How the f*ck come I find a game-breaking glitch not even 10 minutes into the f'n game? How the sh*t did they miss that?

And then they do all this "exclusive" DLC for the PC and the 360, saying they have no intention of giving the PS3 version anything, and now all of a sudden they want to do it? What happened to "our overpriced and useless Oblivion DLC didn't sell on the PS3, so we're not going to give them the F3 DLC?" I'm sure this choice has nothing whatsoever to do with the upcoming redesign and price drop, right?

To hell with them.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4419d ago

syanara do yourself a favor next time before you make another comment like that. Go over ---> there and use the search funtion with keywords like "Fallout 3 DLC" then come back here and tell me again you don't see Playstation fans begging and crying for this DLC. Warning before you search, the whine fest goes back about 6 months and there are a few pages to look at.

SL1M DADDY4419d ago

And I gotta say, this game is pretty darn good. Glad to hear more and more folks playing it. I love Diablo clones and the two on my top list are Sacred and Titan Quest. It would be cool to see Titan on the consoles.

IrishRepublicanArmy4419d ago

yeah its too late for me. ive moved on!!

Jaces4419d ago

God, and it's not like I already have enough on my plate.

Now this. Still though, I don't mind. haha.

vhero4419d ago

Now they just need to take a leaf out of Epics book and allow custom DLC... that would blow everything else away!

Sarcasm4419d ago

"You guys have been crying and whining about this dlc from day one and your not going to buy it? Typical Xbox fans, talk about but never buy it. BTW I wouldn't bet on MGS4 going to the 360, unless Microsoft writes another check for $100 million. You should be happy you're in the movies, even though none of you will even buy it."


BWS19824419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

You need to realize that "PS3 owners" are not a singular, identical group, just like 360 owners are not all the same. Sure, it looks like many above are saying they won't buy it, but you apparently glossed over the ones who said they will. Are the couple dozen gamers here representing every PS3 owner? It's not all black and white, all or nothing, that's the problem with fanboys, they're extremists, fanatics. The shades of gray in this world go over your head, and as far as gaming, that means you have love and hate for the hobby, and you miss out on a lot.

Secondly, regarding the ones that are avoiding the DLC, can you not empathize with their anger about the DLC at all? I'm reading above a lot of frustration over the whole thing, and they're entitled to feel that way after the timing of things playing out like this. You have to admit, just because it's "exclusive DLC" they have a right to be spiteful or frustrated over not getting to enjoy their purchase as much as some other gamers can, you can't take that away from them, they can feel cheated if they want. Maybe they're just boycotting the game and Bethesda, instead of going around on dozens of websites bashing it by giving it reviews of 1 out of 10 all over the place to seek vengeance.

ChunkyMunky4419d ago

I thought this day *sniff* would never come

Microsoft Xbox 3604419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

Sshhhhh.... Jason 360 doesn't know that.

Megaton4419d ago

I only really want Broken Steel. It seems like a necessity to anyone with the full game. That's why my ass was so burnt over this exclusivity nonsense. At least it's finally going to be available to everyone like it should be.

solidt124418d ago

Well I have been waiting on this DLC but i didn't expect it this soon.

acuragsr964418d ago

i had the ps3 version and because of the dlc i have the pc version hacked

aaron58294418d ago


I just freaking sold my Fallout 3 last week, because Bathesda kept on saying there wont be any DLC for PS3...

Now i read this news !??

FVCK YOU Bethesda !!

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JamieReleases4419d ago

Everyone was probably expecting this to be news about GTA IV DLC for PS3, but it did turn out to be for Fallout 3. Good news for PS3 fans :)

Forrest Gump4419d ago

The GTA announcement deserves a much bigger stage than a Videogame website,Sony's E3 press conference would be of perfect size don't you think?

Anon19744419d ago

Thankfull, Microsoft's deals aren't without an expiration date. I'm glad I didn't trade in my copy yet as I had a feeling this was in the wings. Congrats, Bethesda. Now you can have more of my money. Was that so hard?

Javier194419d ago

hahaha all the xbox 360 owners thought it would be something to benefit them im sure of it

Well i own fallout 3 on 360 but its still damn funny




ZEEBO4LIFESTFU4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

video games dude. its not that special, if someone wants it they can go get it. Im ready to go back to playing oblivion.

Shadow Man4419d ago

I can careless about this, I'm not one bit bother by this.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4419d ago

Some DLC for Fallout 3??? ;-D Oh well.
Bet the ChatBots thought is was MGS4/5 for the ChatBox 360!!! ;-D

Don't worry ChatBot Zombie DLC Lemmings, E3 is coming i'm sure M$ will STEAL something for you to Play this year!!! ;-D

Sony Rep4419d ago

timed exclusive like all 360 games!!!!1111!!!!!!! hahaha

Man_of_the_year4419d ago

I don't get what you mean by "chatbots". is that an insult because the 360 has chat options over LIVE? Does that mean that PS3 loyalist are Droidmits? Hermits and Droids since PS3 doesn't have better chat options over the PSN? And since the PS3 doesn't come with a Mic nobody talks over the PSN then that means that Sony Droids are anti-social? You just live in your little caves and are to affraid to speak to others or meet new and interresting people while playing a game to then greater expand the possibilities of a gaming experience and increasing your friends list?

Please explain what you mean by "chatbots" cause it is in no way an insult other than the bots part which is understandable coming from a Droid like yourself.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4419d ago

Droids love sloppy seconds, they finaly get some after its been used, all sweaty, and covered in goo. It's like wearing a used condom from someone else.

gambare4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

"after its been used, all sweaty, and covered in goo."

We are not talking about your @$$ Jason

bu-bu-bu-but teh excluziveee!!1

NewZealander4418d ago

owned? its DLC for a freakin video game, try acting like a grown up.

infekt4418d ago

Waaahh! Waaaah! Look at all these xb!tches crying.. pathetic little souls.

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unrealgamer584419d ago

i second that comment bubbles

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