Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast announced on PS3 and Xbox 360

Spanish website HardGame2 writes: "The Dragon Ball series return for a second time to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 since mid last year could enjoy Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. Through the pages of a Japanese magazine, Namco Bandai has announced the development of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, which will launch on PS3 and 360.

There are no details of the game, unless they belong to the genre fighting and that will be launched in 2009 in Japan".

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Batusai4420d ago

YEAH! Dragon Ball z burst limit was a cool game but need some more characters. I think this also could be a great game.

50CALheadshot4420d ago

theyshould make over the top tag team supers like mvsc2

Redempteur4419d ago

what brust limit needed was depth in the gameplay mecanics ...
it's hard to do that in a dragon ball setting but that's really all needed .

burst limit was beautifuul and had a nice soundtrack .some update to the rooster would be appreciated but given the previous budokai games it's already in the works ..

ThanatosDMC4419d ago

Raging Blast.... sounds dirty.

PS3istheshit4410d ago

im so glad they didnt quit on the DragonBall Z games
burst limit was awesome but it just needed a deep story line
the graphics were amazing and the gameplay was perfectly balanced
i like how they went back to the old look and control scheme
tenkaichi series was a step back
6.5 games, but budokai was 10/10 games
im gonna buy it straight from the stores $60 cuz they kept the game series running
i suggest everybody buy DBZ games from stores so they make more money for more games
i think the only thing they missed in burst limit was 2 player and good story (voice over was funny)

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Immortal Kaim4420d ago

It better be a hell of a lot better than Burst Limit. The roster was pitiful, arena's were few and far between and the overall game just lacked depth. Anyway, fingers crossed.

Jamegohanssj54420d ago

This game will be teh sexzorz. I expect it to release here in Novembre.


ParanoidMonkey4420d ago

Sounds like a euphemism for a male orgasm.

Trey4Lyfe4420d ago

and more like Budokai 3

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The story is too old to be commented.