Prey on the 360 to run at only 30FPS

From IGN : "The PC version has been capped at a smooth 60 FPS, while the Xbox 360 version will run at a steady 30 FPS, and the single-player game is, with the exception of a few down-sampled textures here and there, gorgeous. Also, it's the exact same content on both systems. Built on the Doom 3 engine, both versions, from what we saw, are running smoothly, fast, and beautifully."

Dectrov6594d ago

So 360 can't do even this properly!!!
Only 30fps,Shame on you 360!!

TheMART6594d ago

Well at least we got Prey and PSZero won't. Hell right, the games for PSZero even get cancelled because it's too expensive to make them. Furtheron, did you see ingame footage of Warhawk?

Now go and laugh about that! PS2 graphics, walking the character looks like a bad version of GTA with total silly looking other things walking around. And that frame rate... Would that be 20 FPS I see there? haha

achira6594d ago

doom3 is alot better than this boring game, look at the caracters, there are only 3 polygons. the only good think are the jokes the main character makes. no one will miss this game on the ps3 !!! there are tons of better games. a pc is stronger than the xbox360. ms kids all the xbox fans, as if it had 3 POWER CPUs with 3.2 GHZ what a joke. oh, and the xenos is from the last generation, thats the poof, hahaaaaa. its your fault, if you had never started to bash the ps3, i would be calm, but its time for ravange !!! you see, it would be better if you had shut up your mouths. loosers.

TheMART6594d ago

I would have expected you.

Just wait untill you saw the demo for real, or play the game on a 360.

The PC using 60 FPS might be in perfect conditions with a dual SLI card who know what kind of 6.000 dollar PC.

I knew you would come around. Having no PSZero to play with, seeing games cancelled because it's too expensive to produce on a PSZero, CPU might be downtuned from 3.5 Ghz to 3.2 Ghz then to 2.8 Ghz... Man even don't start, the console you're waiting for is a year to late for next gen. Go watch Warhawk now that looks pretty ain't it?

Seen the walking character? That would even be worse as a PS1 trying to run a GTA game.

There is even no ingame footage that shown us games like Prey let alone to justify 600 dollars expensive console that doesn't exist.

achira6594d ago

yes there is no ps3 till november, so i have a lot time to read the news. but whats with you, you are alway at the ps3 news, bashing the ps3, although the xbox360 is nearly a year released. so you are the loooooser !!! if your xbox360 is so good, why dont you play it ??? why are you the one with almost the most comments ?? yes we know it xbox360 is boring, you proof it yourself. i swear you, when the ps3 will be released, you will miss me on this site, because i will play the real next gen console.

oh, and i already played the prey demo. and with my 1.5 year old pc it was very smoooooth. so dont talk crap. this game hast not high requirements ! and the xbox360 loooses up, like you

THAMMER16594d ago

You are a problem but you know what. I bet bet your plate of crow is waiting in NOV. 2006 or maybe not untill spring 2007. I cant wait to see your post then.

Xtrm L1481L1TY6594d ago

Oh sorry dude. I accidentally clicked on spam/offensive under your post. I meant to click disagree on the post beneath you.

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bernie6594d ago

The 360 movies on IGN's site look great, and there's a lot more info about the game, glad I pre-ordered it now! I recommend reading the preview, here's the link again.


TheMART6594d ago


Come on. The human eye will see framedrops when it comes under 24 FPS. So who cares if it's 60 or 30 FPS. As long as it looks smooth. This is the most important thing to know:

" Also, it's the exact same content on both systems. Built on the Doom 3 engine, both versions, from what we saw, are running smoothly, fast, and beautifully. "

Done. Buy it

Moostache6594d ago

To all the geniuses out there who think that 60 fps is a big deal for some reason....go check your TV signal and get back to me on what Hz it runs at....

Here's a hint : it is about half of 60 fps...60 FIELDS per ssecond is the signal on a television, but since every FIELD is 1/2 of a FRAME in an interlaced TV source, it really runs at.....30 FRAMES per second.

To insist that the developers limited the game Prey to 30 FPS because of hardware limitations is assinine. The real reason is simple - the intended display devices for the MAJORITY of the consumer base. Non-digital, non-HDTV owning homes have TVs as their main display device - these sets do NOT have the capability of showing anythign greater than 30 FPS regardless. Since HDTV is NOT the accepted widespread standard we wish it would be already, game manufacturers, especially CONSOLE manufacturers, must account for this by programming their games to take advantage of the least common denominator of technology that the game will be run on.

On the PC side, it is a different story, since all PC monitors are inherently progressive scan and can handle 60 FPS (that is FRAMES, NOT FIELDS) with ease. On the PC side, the developers do not have to worry about customers using antiquated displays to vuiew the games and as such they can make it run at whater refresh rate they want.

Do not be fooled, the XB360 hardware is NOT the reason the game will run at a slower refresh rate on the console side, the dispalys used by 90% of the population IS the reason.

Read here for additional background on the subject before trying to sound like an expert:

If the screen (frame) refreshes twice in the time the display can only display one frame - as is the case on analog, non-HD TV sets - does running at 60 FPS matter? Sure, it does on an HDTV or on a computer monitor, but not on a regular TV. The percentages of people who own HDTV is low, so naturally the percentage of XB360s running on an actual HDTV is also low. It is a business decision - not ahardware limitation.

Now, all of that said, as an HDTV owner and an XB360 owner, I think it does suck a little bit that they would do this on the developer side. especially when it has been shown with COD2 that a 60FPS FPS with intensive visuals is very possible and beneficial on the 360. MS should take some of the blame for allowing it, but they also want to see the best possible images on the largest number of screens. While I understand the logic, I am not happy about it....

Gamer136594d ago

ill still buy this game for my 360 - ive seen alot of gameplay trailer of the 360 version and it looks good, But ill wait for a review first - but im sure it will score a good mark.

super bill6594d ago

see the ps3 is getting cancel nowbye 3rd party developers who games are two expensive to make for the ps3.just have a look at thesis.

achira6594d ago

its only one developer ! if it were a good game sony would support them but i bet it was sh!t, thats the reason of the lack of support. but there are games which were canceled on the xbox360 to, see Assasins Creed. So whats you point ? there are many games, and there are many games which are cancelled.

TheMART6594d ago

It will be the first of many games for PSZero that are cancelled mark my words.

You are funny Achira. Assassins Creed cancelled for 360? Don't think so my friend, give links if you can

Assassins Creed is just being know not to be exclusive for PSZero. It runs on a 360

achira6594d ago

hahahaha it runs on a xbox360, please stop taking so many drugs, loooooooooooooser.

TheMART6594d ago

So if you can only talk in these kind of words we know you're like ssj for sure. Go watch yourself then also

And now show me the links Assassins Creed would be cancelled for 360.

Nonsense because it won't happen and you know it.

You go play Warhawk maybe spring 2007. A system from 600 dollars with only that game it's a laugh

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