Terminator Salvation released alongside Terminator 2 Blu-ray

Released alongside the best rendering of "Terminator 2" yet (and the second on Blu-ray), Terminator Salvation allows players to assume the role of 30-year-old John Connor. During the battle for humanity's survival, players will encounter enemies from the movie in addition to new opponents designed special for the game.

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Nambassa3439d ago

i LOVE TERMINATOR 2! one of the best films ever. terminator salvation actually seems to be a pretty decent game. i might rent it

cranium3439d ago

It sucks that this one is PG 13! I wand blood and guts god dammit!

ottoman_2393439d ago

I will also rent this game.
@cranium I agree I wanted this movie to be rated "R" instead I get pg-13 with no blood or gore.

Counter_ACT3438d ago

T2 has been on Blu-Ray here for ages.