OXCGN Is Heading To E3 2009 - Aussie E3 Assault Team Heads To LA

That's right, OXCGN will have an Aussie E3 Assault Team at this year's 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to bring you the news first hand, as it happens.....

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darkmurder4066d ago

Can't wait for E3, sure to be a great one this year (I hope)

Godem4066d ago

FF13 Western Release date is all I need.

XboxOZ3604066d ago

We never thought we'd get there. No company is funding us, it's all coming out of their own pockets and seeing that OXCGN is run by volunteers, that's a huge undertaking and level of commitment on behalf of those heading over there.

Sure, lots of sites are, but how many are doing so that do not make money and have no financial backing of any sort - ? Not many, if any.

OXCGN is about gamers helping gamers, we even have a contact with SCEE while we are there to follow some of their announcements.

DarK-SilV4066d ago

You guys always do a wonderful job in writing reviews, articles and news; I hope you enjoy it,

green4066d ago

Great news, will be checking OXCGN regularly during that period for E3 related news.

Immortal Kaim4066d ago

Same, I always support local sites. Can't wait for E3...Please tell me some secrets about MS's E3 conference. :)

Superfragilistic4066d ago

Yeah congrats guys.

But I want an E3 Assault rifle! :(

XboxOZ3604066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Sign up for our OXCGN E3 Twitter or FeedBurner Newsletter, that'll keep you informed as well and you can follow it on your mobile using Mobus and twitter as well as Cover-It-Live

Plus, if you (Anyone) has any Q?'s they might want to ask any of the developers/publisher, then jump on the site and let theteam know. They'll be compiling a list of community Q?'s to ask during the various interviews.

Or simply pop them in here.

gaminoz4066d ago

There are so many games I'm excited about this E3 and awaiting new announcements too! Good to get an aussie gamer's perspective.

XboxOZ3604066d ago

And that's the whole point of us going. We're NOT some company owned site or sub-site as part of a larger syndicate. Or commercially run simply for profits. Sure, it'll be nice when some funds come in, as that will pay for the events we'll need to attend.

But the whole thing is, Gamers giving other gamers the "real news" . .

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The story is too old to be commented.