3D Realms: We're Not Dead, Take-Two's Lawsuit Baseless

Responding to a just-filed Take-Two lawsuit over Duke Nukem Forever, creator 3D Realms is claiming that it will continue as "a much smaller studio", and rebutting several of T2's lawsuit claims.

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INRI4067d ago

Generally what I see here is a continuous, perpetuated agreement among pompous, self-serving hypocrites that 3D Realms is somehow less than worthy to lick the boots of Take-Two, and a one-sided understanding of what is written in this release.

A few people are assuming that Take-Two would be correct in an assumption that the work done to Duke Nukem wouldn't be worth the money 3D Realms is asking for. Some agree, saying what has been released so far is absolute garbage. Well, you're lying, and if you'd cram your ego for a few moments, you'd realize you were lying, as well.

Why did 3DR take so long? They started YEARS ago, but never received any payment until July of 2008. No signing agreements, no advances, nothing. Would you do something of this caliber for no guarantee of success? The only reason they got THIS far was probably because they love the Duke Nukem franchise so damn much, and what they get, a DECADE after beginning development, is $2.5mil?

Now, 3DR may not be expecting to get back the $20mil they put into this from Take-Two, because they'd make an ass-load off of the sales of the thing, with how amazing it looked, and then more still after re-releasing the old Duke classics. They just want all their work to be worth it, and with the DNF team just dropped like that, with nothing to show for it other than an excellent looking build so far, but almost no money from Take-Two, what the hell kind of incentive is there to give this over to the publisher who just f**ked them over?

Don't say 3DR are sh**ty developers unless you understand their motives, actions, and processes. No one would touch a game with a name as f***ing lame and Troma-Video-Worthy as "Duke Nukem" unless they had a serious love for what they were doing.

Personally, I'm with 3DR on this one. Take your Take-Two and shove it in both ends

Alex_Lives4067d ago

well 3DR spent 20 million dollars, they just shoot themselves in the foot, that means they did had money to start production to have at least more than 1 screenshot released every 3 years

gamesR4fun4066d ago

"While we cannot comment on the details of the ongoing lawsuit, we believe Take-Two's lawsuit is without merit and merely a bully tactic to obtain ownership of the Duke Nukem franchise. We will vigorously defend ourselves against this publisher."

This is wut happens when greedy sobs take over [email protected] teh gamers all they want is a new cash cow...

L-a-i-n4067d ago

I don't think it is worth the investment. I do believe the Duke Nukem will be owned by Take-Two in very short order. It is sad to say, but it is just what I believe will happen. I honestly could careless about the Duke Nukem game I never have liked it, but it is sad to see people loosing their jobs that is never a good thing.

INRI - Some of what you say is true. On the other hand that is how that gaming would works. You do not get funding unless the publisher thinks you deserve it. I am guessing Take-Two didn't think the work done on it was worth the investment.

INRI4067d ago

But trying to acquire the Duke Nukem franchise in a "fire sale" is just GREEDY "Take2" if they want Duke sooooooo goddamn then invest in the Duke we all know and let 3DR finished the game so that we can get our hands on it or else STFU (Take 2)

Duke belongs to 3drealms and not elsewhere...People!

AnimeRaven4067d ago

That is how the world works! You either put out or get out. Many developers are seeing this now, and 3DR has not done that so they will quietly disappear just like all the others. It is a sad thing, but we all saw it coming.

Lumbo4067d ago

The problem with your argument is that NO ONE wants to throw good money after bad.

So 3DR spend 20 mil on DNF, and all we saw was a lousy t-shirt .. erm screenshot?

Who in his right mind would continue to give them money after they threw away that much and failed to release a game in more than a decade?

So Take2 had enough of the delay tactic that seems to be the modus operandi of 3DR and said enough is enough, we paid good money for the distribution rights, and its time to FINISH this. Daikatana says hi ....

Suddenly its evil Take2 that is to blame? What kind of tinted fanboyvision is that supposed to be? The only party at fault here is 3DR. They promised the moon, and delivered NOTHING. They claimed time and time again that a release is only a fraction away, and then years passed by like the seasons ... I am fed up with the fake pics, fake release timeframes and fake milestones. I will NOT buy a DNF no matter who releases it now, i stopped caring for it half a decade ago.

INRI4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

I'm sure if the game came out it would be successful and both party w'd have their share so what the hell is wrong about that money they're asking for?

Take in mind that $20 mil was for internal research

Yawnier4066d ago

How are they gonna be a much smaller studio when they're already small as it is?