PSX Extreme: It's Sony's E3 To Lose

PSX Extreme writes: "We're not stepping onto a soapbox to confirm any rumors or even to add more weight to said rumors. We're merely making an observation: at this point, it really seems like Sony should absolutely dominate E3 2009."

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Forrest Gump3442d ago

Here's what Sony has to do to 'win' E3 2009:

Show up.

50CALheadshot3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

uncharted 2
ico game
syphon filter
new firmware features for ps3 and psp
lbp psp
granturismo psp

Defectiv3_Detectiv33442d ago

Ico is probably going to be unvaled at TGS

The new David Jaffe project won't be at E3 either...:(

Still plenty to checkout

Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Fat Princess, God of War 3, Gran Turismo, Syphon Filter!?, Starhawk!?

sonarus3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

What does E3 domination do for sony exactly? Increase sales? I doubt that...In my opinion far too much emphasis gets put on stuff like E3. Announcements and games can be shown with or without a big stage. E3 is really for the hardcore who already have PS3 or 360

TwistedMetal3442d ago

Thats right boys and girls sonys is bigger and better and stronger then they ever been even compared to ps1/2 days. They going super sayain baby which is a whole othere lvl.

Aquanox3442d ago

Ps3Xtreme... honoring their name.

locos853442d ago

Who cares about sales. This is about us gamers. Seeing what to expect in the future, games that we are impatiently waiting for. I don't benefit from sales, but from games and features that come out. I hope there is great stuff coming. We are still very early in this console generation. There is so much potential yet to be reached.

rockleex3442d ago

With realistic damage physics all in slow motion... in 3D!!! O_O

RevN8r3442d ago

There are a lot of hugely disappointing rumors swirling around the 'net that say Kojimasan may shock all of us Sony fanboys. As in, MGS4 + DLC and New IP exclusivity heading to another console...

Now before you freak about this, know that it's not anything more than underground whispers, but I'd say that would potentially be a huge blow to Sony if it were true.

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RememberThe3573442d ago

I love how this Valdass guy reports this story as lame, but not their preview of "Hanna Montanan: The Movie"

On Topic: I think MS is going to pull out some big guns this year. IF Sony wants to win E3 they need to pull out bigger guns. Something like a .357 MAGNUM :)

SL1M DADDY3442d ago

This is not a topic about the Xbox, this is a PS3 thread. So to that I say:

Sony will indeed make us gamers happy with some great showings and hopefully there will be some cool new titles shown to make us giddy with glee.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33442d ago

Like 90% of the games announced at E3 don't even come out that year.

Last year we already knew about Fable 2, Gears 2, Netflix, etc. This year...Halo ODST? APB is most likely going MP.

Point is, if you've never heard of the game before chances are its not coming out this year.

My favorite rumor is the new Half Life will be 360 exclusive. That would make Gabe Newell cum in his pants.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33442d ago

Sony's lineup is just too impressive. Comparing the announced titles you can tell MS is lacking.

Sony's got David Jaffe's new project, MAG, God of War, Gran Turismo, Heavy Rain, Team Ico, Syphon Filter, Fat Princess, Demon Souls, White Knight Chronicles, plus an unannounced title they showed to the BBC reporter. The PSPGO could also be a big hit. I'd like to see them strike a Blockbuster deal too.

MS has got Halo ODST, GTA DLC, RARE game, Forza 3 and Alan Wake. They also are trying to aquire a bunch of PC ports. Kind of defeats the purpose of owning a console.

Darrius Cole3442d ago

This article is just plain stupid coming from a Playstation site.


These playstation sites are talking so much crap that Sony basically has to announce hologram technology if they want to surprise anybody and score then unofficial "win".

At the same time expectations for Microsoft are so low that if they don't fall down on stage everyone will say that they did great. God forbid Konami announces that MGS4:Subway Sandwiches is coming to 360 in 2011, everyone will swear that Microsoft won even if they M$ admits that they have nothing else.

Darrius' example skit :)

(Microsoft rep walks on stage and begins talking): Halo 4 will release in 2010. We have canceled all of our other games. Thank you........................... .... Oh Yeah, MGS4:Subway-Sandwiches will release for 360 in 2011.

(Crowd erupts with applause)
360 fans:) Woo-Hooooo. Victory. We get Metal Gear Solid.

(Sony Rep walks on stage and begins talking): We have 152 exclusive PS3 games releasing in 2010 in addition to the normal multi-platform games. These games are equally split across every major genre and they all will look and play better than Uncharted. We are closing down Life with Playstation because the PS3 has cured cancer. Not only do we have X-game chat. The PS3 has a new in-game phone that can be used to make phone calls to any telephone, land-based or cellular, for free. The Playstation Store will now get new movies day and date with their release at the movie theaters, so you can watch box-office movies in your living room.

(Hideo Kojima begins talking): Metal Gear 5:Raiden will release exclusively for PS3 in 2010. By the way, my team is not working on the MGS4:Subway-Sandwiches 360 port and it won't release until a year after MG5 anyway.

(Journalists talking): Microsoft stole the show again. Can you believe it, MGS4 to the 360. Sony's showing was a bit of a let down.

TheMART3442d ago

I am gonna laugh so hard if Microsoft ones more steals the show. PS3 fanboys are riding high these days and can fall so hard...

I still remember the E3 show of Sony, was it last year or the year before, when allmost the whole show was looking back on PS2 succes. But results from the past aren't a guarantee for the future.

We've seen that with Nintendo after the SNES/N64...

360isgreat3442d ago

According to you the Ps3 doesnt sell and has no games... Frankly if M$ doesnt show something decent that console is straight dead.

Ps3 doesnt have to do anything.. Its been selling with negativity since it launched.. Thats the benefit of making an all around solid console.

Sony has nothing to prove this E3, NOTHING. They have proved they have the better console already.

callahan093442d ago

The PS3 already has an impressive line-up. There's nowhere to fall. It's not like PS3-owners are banking on E3 to discover upcoming software they're going to want. The line-up already exists, and it isn't going to disappear or become less appealing because of whatever Microsoft happens to present. So no, I don't think Sony fans will "fall so hard" even if Microsoft announces more new games than Sony, or announces a PS3-exclusive going multiplatform. PS3 will still have Uncharted 2, God of War 3, White Knight Chronicles, Ratchet & Clank, MAG, Heavy Rain, and lots of other stuff for owners to look forward to.

But it's all besides the point, because, believe me, they'll announce new things too.

As an owner of the PS3 and the 360, Microsoft announcing former exclusives as multiplatform does absolutely nothing to excite me, it just aggravates me, because it doesn't reinforce my ownership of either console. If Microsoft wants to please me as an owner of their machine, they need to bring me some exclusives, otherwise what's the point? It's nice for 360-only owners, but it's completely irrelevant to me: I was going to get Final Fantasy XIII anyway, and Microsoft's announcement last E3 didn't change one single thing for me in regards to that game. I'm hoping this E3 that they go all-out on Alan Wake and Halo ODST, hopefully even Fable 3 or something else from Molyneux. Multiplatform announcements are going to cut it for me.

Lawliet3442d ago

Mart you sound like all Microsoft need to do is to steal an exclusive from Sony, and they instantly won the show. Just like last year your saying? The fact is last year nobody won. Sony didn't show much last year, Wii found themself a grandma to do the gimmick show, and Microsoft loss some mentally ill jokers to play in the movie!? So what if Microsoft stole FFXIII? The PS3 only owners are still able to play the game, so what differences does it make?

talltony3442d ago

And I am gonna laugh so hard when sony steals the show with their supposedly mediocre exclusives your not interested in.

redsquad3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I actually believe you WILL "laugh so hard"... that's what makes it even sadder and says volumes about you..
Of course, you'll be laughing at Sony no matter how good their show is as you're guarenteed to find some stick to hit them with, even if you have to conjure it out of thin air.

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