Planet Xbox 360: Bionic Commando - Multiplayer Impressions

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Capcom has had a rough go of things with its recent multiplayer offerings. The wildly inventive but noticeably unwieldy Lost Planet failed to gain traction except for with the most chaotic-loving among us. And the company is still reeling from the outcry that Resident Evil 5 brought about when it was announced that its multiplayer would be $5 extra within weeks of its of the disc's release. There is speculation that perhaps the Japanese juggernaut just didn't "get" multilayer, that the decidedly Western form is as of yet out of their reach. So, along comes GRIN -- an established developer from Stockholm, a Western locale -- to deliver a reboot to the fabled Bionic Commando franchise. And while the game's single player remains out of reach the gaming public until later this month, the company has let loose a taste of the other half of the game onto Xbox Live. Even so, while a bulk of the content is still locked away, the initial impression the game makes is that of an arcadey thriller eager to please but short on substantial ideas."

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