Do You Really Need More Than 6 GB Of RAM?

TH: "Our 2004 article pointed out weaknesses in the once-popular single-gigabyte configurations. But 512 MB and smaller modules are now a distant memory. It wasn't long after that 2 GB became the performance standard, and by 2007, 4 GB kits could be found in all but the lowest-cost systems. Is it time to take the next step, to 8 GB or more? More importantly, were 4 GB modules ever really needed for games and everyday applications? And with the 32-bit addressing limit of 4 GB making only 3 GB available to many users, should everyone switch to a 64-bit operating system simply to support higher capacities?"

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Kakkoii4635d ago

Very interesting read. Although, since I do 3D Modeling/Animation, I need TONS of RAM for the ultra high poly counts. 3D Models easily get into the GB range.

DarkArcani4635d ago

I do VFX and the K textures I have on some environmental objects, including calculating refect/refraction of light and the GI have crashed my system from time to time because of not having enough RAM.

Would love to have one of these in an "ideal world"

Super-Brad4635d ago

i have 6gb of RAM lol :)

Gothdom4634d ago

"640K ought to be enough for anybody." -- Bill Gates, 1981

somekindofmike4634d ago

'I've got a 10mb Hard drive, nothing will ever fill this beast'

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Forrest Gump4635d ago

Anybody who does professional Video editing will tell you anything less than 4GB of RAM is absolutely useless,so yes,more RAM=always welcome.

SL1M DADDY4635d ago

Yes. Simply put, it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. More RAM no matter what application is better than too little.

Sarcasm4635d ago

6gb of RAM?

it means only one thing...


titntin4635d ago

I remember reading 'do we need more than 512K' articles 20 years back.
Of course we do.

Torkith4635d ago

I'm running 8gb's of ram, and if I'm just playing games or on the internet of course it's completely pointless. But when I'm doing work for school with film editing, 3d modeling it sure as hell helps, but I think my 8gb is still a bit overkill at the moment.

Myst4635d ago

Well at least you are well prepared and suppose that saying of "Better safe than sorry" comes into play. Though jeez, wish I had 8gb. Heck wish I had at least 6 at the moment. Sure for things like 8gb's that it helps smooth things along especially when in the process of doing some of the 3d modeling.

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The story is too old to be commented.