New Heavy Rain Footage This Thursday

GOONL!NE: "There will be some brand new footage of Heavy Rain coming this Thursday on GameTrailers TV."

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lord_of_balrogs4066d ago

Finally we get a chance to see why this title is so hyped.

aldesko4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Hyped? Where is the Heavy Rain flavored Mountain Dew?

Seriously, what is the definition of "hyped" nowadays? Any game that's only on PS3?

Forrest Gump4066d ago

Ignore Lord of Balrogs,just another disappointed Rare fan trolling Ps3 news.

barom4066d ago

kewl now I won't need to visit 1up. F the milkman

lord_of_balrogs4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Trolling? Hah, that's why I'm buying a PS3 within the next month. Ya this game's been hyped to death by the fanboys here. Remember the all powerful AAA list?

Uncharted 2
Killzone 2
Heavy Rain Quantum Theory
etc etc

It be nice to actually see why the fanboys consider this a AAA game with virtually no footage and gameplay shown. A perfect example shown at post 2.2

2.2 -
I predict another AAA ps3 graphics benchmark. Gameplay looks solid too.

PlayStation3604066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I think D. Beaver was referring to the footage shown a while back in Paris. But to be fair, I think David Cage says that footage isn't in the final game.

But if the fInal game is anything like what was shown in Paris, Heavy Rain is going in my Library :)

GameGambits4066d ago

I'm right there with you when you say you want to see why people are hyped over this game. For me, I hated Indigo Prophecy, both the gameplay and the story were 100% fails in my book. How is a game fun when you ONLY do 3 things for a total of 8 hours straight? Simon says, L and R trigger pulls, and hitting the right stick in directions. That's all you did.

From the 2008 gameplay trailer it looks like it's the same with a new coat of paint. Just quick time events and I'm guessing the same development as Indigo if you fail too many. You get that quick end of story at this point summary, which is a great game idea, but that's about the only thing Indigo did that was cool.

David Cage has said himself that this game will change games as a whole in many ways because that's how epic it is. For his sake he better deliver 100X over from Indigo, because no way am I going to take the same crap ride again for 8 hours with different graphics.

This years big games for me will be:
Uncharted 2
Assassin's Creed 2
Bioshock 2
God of War 3
Killzone 2

A few more here and there if time and money allow, but Heavy Rain is not on that list of must plays for me yet, and hopefully by the end of this week I'll be singing a different tune.

Persistantthug4066d ago

I never played Indigo Prophesy,

but one of the main aspects of Heavy Rain is supposed to be that if/when your main character dies, another character in the story becomes the main protagonist, changing the story telling dynamics greatly. No game has ever done that before....Movies don't even do that.

I'm excited to see this game in action.

SixTwoTwo4066d ago

Heavy Rain is hyped because Sony's first party studios have been on a roll. Their most recent titles -Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Killzone 2, Demon's Souls, and MLB 09 The Show- are all top notch games. Infamous looks to join those games if its demo is any indication of the final product. Then you've got Uncharted 2 looking amazing. Its hard to not get excited for any game that has the SCE tag on it honestly.

barom4066d ago

Anyone who's even the slightest interested in this game should really try out Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit for non-US people). It's seriously a masterpiece. There's nothing like it and you truly get an understanding of what Heavy Rain is about. FYI it's not just a series of QTE, just wanted to clear that up since a lot of people keep tossing it around. It's a lot more to it than that and it's not really describable since there's nothing like it out there. Also even though the story gets all weird halfway through, the story is still very engaging.

It is and should remain a classic. I even urge X360 owners to get it (it's 15$ as a Xbox Original I think) as it's a gaming experience you don't wanna miss even if you won't get the spiritual successor.

Microsoft Xbox 3604066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Indigo Prophecy was a pretty damn good game. That's the type of game that makes you sink deeply in the story. I really loved the suspense aspect of the game. Only thing I hated about IP was the ending. Other than that, it was a pretty solid game overall.

SL1M DADDY4066d ago

Why is this game so hyped? Did you miss the game play videos they had months ago? Did you miss out ont he screen shots they released a few months ago? Have you never heard of the developer and their previous work? If you answer yes to any of these then be proud to claim ignorance but if not, then you are being silly and need to quit.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4066d ago

"Ya this game's been hyped to death by the fanboys here. Remember the all powerful AAA list? "

So where are the Heavy Rain jammies? The HR mountain dew commercials? The HR lunch boxes? So some fanboys on N4G use it as a system seller (which may or may not be true) and suddenly it's the most hyped game ever? So you use the opinion of a single guy and you now consider it part of everyone's "all powerful AAA list"?

Stupidity has reached a new height on N4G.

ultimolu4066d ago

I'm sorry, but is it a crime for someone to be excited about a game?

BYE4066d ago

It's hyped because people played Indigo Prophecy. If you played this you have no choice other than hype Heavy Rain.

nycredude4066d ago

Please do me a favor and go play Indigo Prophecy first, then come back to comment on Heavy Rain. I am sure the answer to your own questions lies within that game that Quantic Dream developed on the Ps2.

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swiftshot934066d ago

considering this is sony's biggest published game this generation (bigger than KZ2), then I expect great things from this game. They wouldnt pick it up for nothing.

From what we've seen, it'll all be on the story. Im personally looking forward to checking out this game this holiday, along with Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2, MW2, maybe Bioshock 2, and R&CF2. Damn....loads of goods games this year.

aldesko4066d ago

Too bad all those games will come out within a month of each other =[

Ninver4066d ago

I predict another AAA ps3 graphics benchmark. Gameplay looks solid too.

sephy 9 2 54066d ago

how far the game has come in a year. Hopefully we'll get a peak at the actual story instead of a side story. I'd be fine with it either way though if there's visually impressive content like the last one. (2008 gameplay video)

probably going to be the best looking console game for 09.

spirited4066d ago

regarding the fact that such original and ambitious title wont sell

that much i will be shocked if the lifetime sales of it passes 1.5


Tony P4066d ago


New and different rarely provokes great sales. It seems if you want great sales, make another WWII shooter or a game with lots of gore and boobs.

I hope people will support the game and give it a chance. Luckily it looks excellent graphically. And as shallow and wrong as it sounds, the graphics will probably garner more interest than the content from the casual observer.

SL1M DADDY4066d ago

Sales do not make great games. If the game is a winner, it is deemed a winner only on the basis of it making me happy as a gamer to play it. If you or millions of others do not buy it, it makes no difference to me. Sales figures are for fanboys, gaming is for gamers.

Fatal Blow4066d ago

Why would u say why this title is so hyped that just say's all

your a fan troll and don't say your buying a ps3 and that make's u not a troll because u still have'nt got one yet so your a troll now lol

this game am really looking forward to cause it's somthing different then your normal game

-MD-4066d ago

But it is hyped... we haven't seen anything and everyone wants it.

That's hyped.

SL1M DADDY4066d ago

Even Gametrailers has had footage of this game up for months now. GDC was a great showing of this game. Ignorance is your enemy. Even a search on Google will bring up some goodies on this title.

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