Leaked: Quantic Dream Shows Heavy Rain Teaser Image

1UP states: "Want a look at the playable characters in Heavy Rain? Or more accurately, the shapes of their heads."

EDIT: Original link is now down because 1UP was not supposed to release this image till tomorrow. Consider this a leak.

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Nambassa3439d ago

does anyone know if its still called heavy rain the origami killer or if its just heavy rain now????

fishd3439d ago

Speaking of Heavy Rain,something interesting!

Nambassa3439d ago

cool i hope its something lengthly and not a 2 minute gameplay clip.

ttigass3438d ago

this thursday there will be about 15 minutes showing and talking about Heavy rain on GTTV
(GameTrailers TV)
make sure to see GTTV

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Kain813439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

They Showed Uncharted 2 and now Heavy Rain.
And there are rumors that the Trico game will be revealed this week too.
Will Sony only Show the new HARDWARE like PSPgo and PS3slim????

SL1M DADDY3439d ago

Because these are not all their guns? Maybe they have more to show? Just sayin'...

TOO PAWNED3439d ago

Those "guns" are from last year. Uncharted 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain, all of them have been announced last year, and show in some fashion. "Guns" for this year and next are yet to be shown.
My bet is, Sony has way 2 many games to keep everything for E3, so they show some of it now and have more time for new stuff + for more details and release dates for games i mentioned above.

fishd3439d ago

"And there are rumors that the Trico game will be revealerd this week too."

Errr no there isn't

Nambassa3439d ago

i don't think sony will hav much to reveal at e3. some new hardware and probably 5 new games at most. probs the nxt ico game, something like eight days, mayb a new racing game like wipeout or motorstorm. i cnt rly think of much else they'll be revealing cos most sony studios are already working on games that hav been announced.

Kain813439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

He said he will show something COlossal--so if you take the first 3 letters and bring them to the right direction than you get ICO.

@fareye765: yeah i think sony will show something new like Hardware 2, Starhawk, Twisted Metal, RaC:ACiT....

Baka-akaB3439d ago

Well it's already a lot imo Fareye765 . Besides we know that at least 2 new games will be revealed , and thats probably not even including Team ico's game in the count , but probably that "BBC game" they hyped for so long .

Personally for what it's worth , i'm predictions those obvious big titles sony already shown or announced , PSN titles plus 3-4 new ip and titles

fishd3439d ago


Link please like right NAW!

Max Power3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

you got the quote wrong... Sev said "it's somethIng COlossal" he capitalized the "I" in "something" and the "CO" in "colossal", add them together you get ICO.

post 1.16

Kain813439d ago

But i learn from guys like you^^ thanks

Nambassa3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

i know its a lot but thats my point. 2.5 says about games we already know about. some havn't been officially announced but we kinda know they r coming. i want a surprise. something we're not expecting..... e.g. eight days back in production. or some new racer (ps3 barely has any racers.) i also hope for a new ip and not more sequels....

Freak of Nature3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Studios want some of their own time in the spot light.At E3 you have to share the attention.Thus you get a lot of early unveilings.

Dont forget about Sony Studios London,Liverpool and Cambridge....

Cambridge could bring back a new gen Sir Drake from Medievil,or something of that style and genre......Ok,just really hoping here...

London is big enough to have two games in the works,possibly something involving "eye pet" and another all new IP,they have been working behind the scenes now for a good two years at least....

And Liverpool devs have gone on record saying their game "will be great" their words...I know most devs praise their own games like this pretty much,but they do have a major amount of pull and talent,so lets hope they walk the walk,and back up their talk.Over two years of silence from a major house like this,could very well spell a new major IP announced at this E3....

Don't forget about Quantum theory,we know very little of this game,how will it rate against Gears,which it is compared to,and how different can it be,will it advance the genre...

War devil is another game that "should" get an unveiling...

The BBC game has to come out swinging.I think I may have seen art/pre-viz concepts of it at last years E3.A friend of mine that I had worked with in the past showed me some of his portfolio,and in it was work from studios like Sony London and Liverpool. It was just art,but some target renders to go with it,and very impressive....At that time I had not heard about the BBC reporters (Mr Waters) excitement for the mystery game....Here is to hoping it shows up in a near finished state....

How about incognito?

Will Dark cloud 3 and Kingdom hearts 3 show up?

Will Insomniac really have a new IP? The rumored Act/RPG platformer? Show at least an early look? Perhaps a teaser alongside Ratchet and Clanks Acit full blown showcase....

Perhaps Media molecule will show a glimpse of a new IP? Ok now I am really dreaming and hoping...

And then for me their is Team ICO's next game....Thats a show stopper waiting to happen....

I think this E3 will show more than you can imagine,and it's my most anticipated one,and it will be my 11th time attending...

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Baka-akaB3439d ago

Uncharted was already leaked . Besides they gotta show a little to pump even more people up for a beta demo .

Uncharted will remain a big sensation at E3 i'll bet ... especially once everyone do try and see the multi .

And i wouldnt worry about them showing more of Heavy Rain .

If that's indeed all they had , then both title wouldnt be enough to make sony's e3 big anyway . They still got many other titles like GoW 3 , and hopefully and obviously the maximum possible of new titles and ip . Like Ico's studio new game .

Nambassa3439d ago

it was leaked? do u mean that tiny bit of gameplay shown two months ago? cos all the recent stuff wasn't leaked

Baka-akaB3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

It wasnt little at all , just not a proper trailer per se . Of course the recents footage are new , but then we had already seen much of the gameplay , except of course multiplayer and the different environments.

Bottom line is , what's the point of making a secret of something wich isnt anymore , for a game that will make a splash anyway with every new trailer ?

I could only picture Sony keeping wraps around uncharted for E3 , if they hadnt much more stuff in stocks

360isgreat3439d ago

Okay its one thing if you have some cool site up with hidden stuff to find but this is just frigin retarded. Why would I want to look at a silhouette of characters?

I hope there is some type of hidden puzzle or something... Otherwise this was more gay then you.

themyk3438d ago

it's not on the 360 anyways so why would you care.

dylantalon3439d ago

sony owns more than 24 1st party studios so they can potentially have more than 20 1st party games being worked on as we speak, and then they have 2nd party studios also. trust me, sony showing off 3 to 5 games early doesnt mean they are showing all their cards.

now that sony has a strong foothold on the market right now ,there will be a lot of 3rd party studio exclusives that we will start seeing more of as time goes on. game companies will buy into sony's 10year lifetime plan and take the leap to make 3rd party exclusive games that are pushing technological boundaries because they want their games noticed for being special and they'll continuously make money off sales because their games can potentially sell more and more within sonys console life span. can people imagine what games on ps3 would look like in another 4 years?
ps3 is the future and the future is ps3.

ps. the talon stands for talented

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