Best Fan Video Ever? Pulp Fallout.

Gamer Limit writes: "This clip makes us want to run out and buy the game all over again. Bethesda's official blog posted a Fallout 3 trailer/montage by You Tube user agoministrator that further pushes this title to legendary status. A real must see for fans of Fallout. . . and Quentin Tarantino."

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Dimly3440d ago

I can't believe someone took the time to make this.

Fullish3440d ago

Maybe it's really popular in Japan?

JQ3440d ago

I really like the part where he throws Tenpenny off his tower. I have a special save file right before him, just to re-visit that moment.

DangerCurtis3440d ago

I thought this game was great, but this just makes this game look epic. Too funny.

zoneofenders3439d ago

worst combat system ever!!!
.....well, maybe not the worst, but you got my point.

Timesplitter143439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

I loved the combat system. Maybe it's just not for you.

I can't understand why everyone feels the need to bash this game. Personally, I loved it. I love western role playing and all the freedom it brings. Maybe you can not like it, but bashing it seems unfair. The only games that should be bashed are those that are totally uncreative and full of 13 years old like GTA4 and COD4. These games are actually a nuisance to the gaming industry because they sell like hell and give developpers reasons to make even more bland uncreative games.

So yeah. Say something like "meh I didn't like the combat system" but don't go too far

zoneofenders3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

how could anyone love this combat system? an half ass FPS simulator with very bad enemy AI and boring VATS......
i played every major Wrpg title since 1997 and i just dont understand why Bethesdas hadnt learned anything from oblivion.
anyway, if you got the PC version, you might wanna try out the FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition mod. Much better core gameplay.

DanteLinkX3439d ago

Seems I am not alone, I bough this game with hopes of a great game, and ended up having one of the worst gaming experiences of my life, it was a complete disappointment.

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