Gamervision: Space Invaders Extreme Review

Gamervision writes: "When Pac-Man Championship Edition launched on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2007, many of us envisioned a needless re-imagining of a classic game, another tie-in that would milk the Pac-Man franchise even further. As it turned out, Championship Edition was not only a fantastic downloadable title that revitalized the series, it was just as fun and addictive as the original, if not more so. Now Taito is looking to give the same rebirth to Space Invaders, another decades-old arcade staple, by bringing 2008 handheld game Space Invaders Extreme to the Xbox Live Arcade. Like Pac-Man C.E., Space Invaders Extreme plays a lot like the original game with a fresh, neon-colored coat of paint, and that's not at all a bad thing."

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