1up Heavy Rain/David Cage Interview

1up writes: "Get inside the head of Heavy Rain director David Cage, and read up on everything from the idiot cup to Speedy Gonzales."

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callahan094076d ago

Because the game is clearly getting close to the finish line and he's on to the publicity stage; you know, talking about it and getting people really excited for it and the team's future projects. The 1up Heavy Rain portal, which will be featuring new updates on Quantic Dream and their game, will be updated every day this week with more info, culminating in a full-blown preview. The script is done (thousands of pages long according to Cage), the motion capture is done, the voice work is done. . . the game is in the homestretch.

CaseyRyback_CPO4076d ago

I thought they literally pinned him down for this 1 interview.

callahan094076d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to see all the stuff related to this game and Quantic Dream that 1up will reveal throughout the week.

Superduper094076d ago

Yeah I can't wait for some more new info on this game.

Nambassa4076d ago

yea me 2. i've been waiting so long for info ever since that tech demo. i was so excited when i heard they were showing gameplay at leipzig last year but then i found out that it wasn't even a scene from the game.... DAMN IT!! lol

Socomer 19794076d ago

its coming soon.
I need a game like this.
its been too long since weve had some mystery thriller on playstation.

im prepared. I got my gun & holster & a notepad. time to sniff out some clues detective style like brad pitt in the movie seven.

hee hee

sa_nick4076d ago

Not a bad interview. No new game info but at least it wasn't the same old crap we've been hearing for the last year.

I'm getting pretty sick of seeing that "The Interview" image being used on Heavy Rain news stories though, what it is, like, 3 years old?

Mucudadada4076d ago

It's iconic of the game. It's no different than showing Master Chief on Halo news.

- Ghost of Sparta -4076d ago

Thing is, she isn't a character in Heavy Rain. 'The Casting' was simply a tech demo. I would have loved to see her in the final product though. David Cage is being very careful with what he reveals. He hasn't even said anything about the story yet, just that there will be several playable characters. About 4.

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