Sony/Immersion: The Plot Thickens

Patent Arcade: "The dust has long settled on the Sony/Immersion haptic feedback suit, right?

Not quite. According to a complaint filed in Thorner v. Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc., Case No. 09-01894 (NJ filed April 21, 2009), and amended recently, a witness from that case claims he was tricked into cooperating and signing away his own patent rights for a fraction of their worth.

According to the complaint, Craig Thorner was an engineer who held several patents that were also directed to haptic feedback technology, similar to those asserted by Immersion against Sony, and his patents were part of Sony's after-trial attempt to invalidate Immersion's patents."

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joeyisback25853441d ago

bull chit they need to sue microsoft

Expy3441d ago

1. It is not illegal to bargain lower prices/outcomes.
2. Legal malpractice? No, stupidity on this party's account, BIG yes.
3. He accepted the agreement, thus, is legally bound by it and can, in no way, object to his legal obligations (signed by him).

Kurylo3d3441d ago

yes be he agreed under unfair legal advice. The lawyers had other interest other his own in mind since they worked for sony as well. Any judge will see that and agree, so now sony is going to have to try and bargain with him and settle if they could otherwise theres no way he could lose.

RememberThe3573441d ago

If the number to not seem unfair then nothing will be done no matter what the circumstances were.

All we have is his word against theirs. Any judge would know that that is not enough information to draw a solid conclusion from...

Christopher3440d ago

What Expy said. Essentially Thorner is suing because Sony was able to get him to agree to a contract that possibly wasn't as beneficial as if he had used someone else. This is the same thing as me going to dealership A, buying a car, then going to dealership B and noticing that they have my car for $3k less. Guess what, it's what businesses do, they try to give you less of what you while getting more of what they want.

While I think the lawyers in their testimony are kind of pricks, they did their job very well and within their rights. The gentleman wasn't coerced into signing the deal, he was only using the wrong tools to determine if the deal was in his best interest.

If the prosecution wins, this will open up so many cans of worms with this sort of stuff that it's not even funny.

Fatal Blow3441d ago

These day's people will do any thing for money even sell there self lol

the guy suing should be sued from sony just for making him self look like a d**k what people do for money these day's look's like there's no 2moro for them people lol

potenquatro3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I got a launch with no rumble. I should sue theese bastards for MY pain and suffering.

@Expy. I got one,but still....If they can pull this stunt I should as well.

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