Lunar Silver Star Story Remake Coming To PSP

Information and screen shots of the remake of Lunar: Silver Star Story for the PSP.

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KKanjiAnkh3465d ago

Harmonize w/me "First Day Buy."

himdeel3464d ago

...Id get a PSP for this.

DrRobotnik3464d ago

It was on dreamcast???.never knew.

Crazay3464d ago

That looks great. Just a week or 2 ago I did an article about games that deserved a reboot or sequel from the Sega CD era. Lunar 1 and 2 are high on my list. Here's hoping we can get a proper sequel that's deserving of the series.

CotieD3464d ago

I remember getting this gem on the PS. With the nice box, soundtrack and all the random extras. One of the first RPGs that really locked me into the genre. Its a great game.

joemayo763464d ago

same here still have the box for this and lunar 2 and extras around here, its an awesome game definitly must buy for me.

now i have that intro song stuck in my head again

menoyou3464d ago

Awesome, PSP is really getting some great games lately.