Gaming Union: Swords & Soldiers Review

Gaming Union writes "From the masterminds behind the hugely popular title, de Blob, Swords & Soldiers takes a slightly different approach to the real time strategy (RTS) genre, but still works off the basic premise of Tower Defence.

It's clear that Ronimo Studios have been scouring the internet, because the game should in no way be taken as a serious affair. Many of the jokes are based off of Internet memes and the the art style is inspired by Super Moine. To make it even more surreal, the game pits the Aztecs, Vikings and Imperial Chinese against each other in quests for BBQ Sauce, Hypochillis and Toys, but will their endeavours be worthwhile, or just pure insanity?"

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mephman4063d ago

Seems like a pretty sweet WiiWare game. :)