Eurogamer -- Boom Blox : Bash Party review

Ellie Gibson from Eurogamer writes:

"You'd think Steven Spielberg had better things to do than help EA make videogames. Like issue a public apology for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, for example. Or remake it with a proper plot, decent special effects and an ending that doesn't make you want to slice your own face off.

But instead he's been busying himself with the sequel to last year's Boom Blox. It scored an impressive 9/10 on Eurogamer, even though I wrote the review. It's inventive, accessible and addictive. It's the most fun you can have with friends and family without engendering a complex series of emotional conundrums and children with three arms. It's a game developed by looking at the Wii's control system and building a game around it, instead of tacking on a bit of shaking."

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