Flynn in Tales of Vesperia Will Not Be One-Time Only

A new Famitsu scan has surfaced that confirms that Flynn Scifo will be more than just a one-time only character playability-wise in the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia.

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sinncross3467d ago

Wow cool, the additions to the PS3 version are worth looking over this game again.

Immortal Kaim3467d ago

Is there any known details about a EU/AUS release for the PS3 version? I would rather get the PS3 version because of the extra content.

On the other hand.

The 360 version is out in a couple of weeks, don't think I could wait another bloody year...been waiting long enough.

ExcelKnight3467d ago

Wait until E3. If the game's announced for North America, just wait for the NA version and take advantage of the PS3 being region free.

If not, feel free to get the 360 version.

ShawnCollier3467d ago

If the PS3 version is brought outside of Japan, I'd bet Europe might not get it for a while, since the last thing Namdai wants to do is kill 360 version sales by announcing the PS3 version in Europe so soon after the 360 version launches.

ZeroX98763467d ago

Even If they would just subtitle the voices and change the text, I wouldn't care. Anyway, having the Japanese dubs would be an awesome add-on on the PS3 version if it comes to NA/EU.

Namco-Bandai, If you want support from your fans and grow in popularity, This game is one of your chances, don't miss it!

[email protected]3467d ago

I'm really hope a localization version come to US. I mean, i want my Tales of treatment :)

ShawnCollier3467d ago

The only thing that makes me wary about it is that this version seems to be pandering heavily to the loli (Patty) and seyiuu-loving crowd (all the new voice work).

Not saying Namdai won't localize it, but they're not trying to make it any easier.

nefertis3466d ago

I hope it comes to the NA