Rumor: Champions Online to have a PC/360 simultaneous release

This article discusses the possibility of a PC/360 simultaneous release for Cryptic Studios upcoming title, Champions Online due to the PC releases recent push back to September and Cryptic's stance on wanting cross platform servers.

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green3531d ago

Quite possible after reading this interview with Bill Roper about the state of the 360 version.“I don’t have a date, I don’t have a window, because we haven’t been given any separate requirement for that, but I don’t think it will be a huge gap of time for when it follows,” he added.

“It’s not going to be a year later, or something like that. We spin builds every day, QA makes sure everything’s still working, the engine works great on 360, all the server stuff works well. We still make sure everything works."

They said it was pushed back because of issues Atari is trying to sort out with Microsoft because from that interview, the 360 version is almost as complete as the PS version.So if the business case is sorted, then i can see a simultaneous release for both in September.

Anyway this game looks intriguing and would like to try it out soon.

ScorpionX993531d ago

I think it would be great for cross platform.
Even if it didnt i'd still try the pc version with an x-box controller. but to have me on the comp, while my brother is on the xbox would be pretty sweet.

would be awesome if they had in-game voice chat like lord of the rings online as well.
then the whole typing thing wouldnt be that big of a deal.