GameFocus: Zen Pinball Review

GameFocus writes: "The Playstation Network often gets unique games and while we have seen pinball games on the other two consoles it is nice to see a game we have not already played come to the Playstation Network. With four tables and some high quality audio work to top off the experience this is a fun single player and multiplayer game. But is it worth your gaming dollar or should you head to the arcade or local pub for a beer and a roll of quarters to play with?"


+ Good graphics and audio for the most part
+ Some nice voice work
+ Customizable audio
+ Multiplayer is fun
+ Tables are not carbon copies of each other with new skins
+ Scrolling information bar tells of other players and their skills
+ Slow motion mode
+ Very detailed customization of the tables


- Awful flipper sound effects
- Some bad blind spots on the tables
- LONG load times

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