nVidia GeForce "GTX380" clocks leak out?

BSN: "First internal cards are based on A1-stepping and feature 1024MB of GDDR5 memory, with all the memory chips located on front of the card. There are also cards with 2048MB, but we were unable to confirm the codename for the 2GB board. Oddly enough, the 1GB card has a codename fitting nicely in the current line-up, even behind one upcoming dual-GPU single-PC part, which would imply that nVidia has the cards for several weeks now.

According to the German site Hardware-Infos, the sample boards now come with a higher GPU clock. The alleged GT300 A1 silicon ticks at 0.7 GHz, with 512 cores working at 1.6 GHz. GDDR5 memory was upped to 1.1 GHz QDR or 4.4 GT/s [billion transfers per second], resulting in memory bandwidth of massive 281.6 GB/s. According to information we had, nVidia firstly clocked the at 1:1 ratio with GeForce GTX280 for a baseline comparison. If the leaked informationis true and those clocks remain final, that would mean GTX380 missed it targeted clock by a double-digit percentage. Still, a beast nevertheless.

If the figure of 1.6 GHz for 512 shaders is final, then the chip can achieve 2457 GFLOPS, e.g. 2.46 TFLOPS. This is a very good jump from 933 GFLOPS on the original GTX280. But the dark horse here is not the single-precision score, but rather the efficiency of dual-precision format. If our sources were true, GT300 chip has radically improved way of calculating dual precision operations and should bring anywhere between 7-10x improvement in performance. Given that ATI's Radeon 4800 series destroyed GT200 series in dual-precision, we are not surprised to hear about large improvements in DP performance."

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Kakkoii3440d ago

Looking to be more and more awesome. Can't wait to see some benchmarks with this beast.

shazui1233440d ago

My rig atm:
quad core Q6600 @ 3.6
4gb 1333 mhz ram
8800 GTS
is it worth holding on till the new gen of graphics cards are released until I buy a new mobo and gfx card? does anyone know the predicted cost of these beauties?

Kakkoii3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Well this is the top of the line one, like the GTX 280, so think of the price of the 280 when it first came out.
And yes, I'd say hold out until this card comes out. Your rig is good enough for 99% of the games out currently lol. 8800 to 280 isn't to big of a performance step, but to the 380 it will be an epic leap. So just hold out for a few more months.

steve30x3440d ago

@Kakoii - I went from an 8800GTX to a GTX280 and I can tell you now that theres a big difference between both. My FPS almost doubled with all my games. S

Intel Q6600 @ 3.5ghz
CellShock 1066mhz ram
Asus Maximus Formula
1200 watt power

Kakkoii3440d ago


I meant in comparison to upgrading to the 380.

Yes, upgrading from 8800 to 280 is still a pretty good performance upgrade, but the 380 is looking to be a much bigger performance leap than new generations usually are. And since it's only a few months away, it's best to just wait instead of getting the 280.

steve30x3440d ago

Its very hard to find a GTX280 anyway. I want a second GTX280 because I have a monitor that does 1920 x 1200 and want to get the best FPS possible. But Ill wait to see the difference in FPS with the GTX380. Ptty websites dont benchmark the GTX280 anymore. I realy want to see the difference to see if its worth the upgrade because I dont want to upgrade anymore for about 3 - 4 years.

Kakkoii3440d ago

The first benchmarks you'll see for the 380 will be against the 280, happens for every generation.

DevilVergilX3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Quad core QX6850 3.0
8gig 1066mhz ram
sapphire ati 4870x2(still thinks I should get nVidia card)
Asus Rampage mobo
1 Tb HDD western dig
1000watt power supply cool max
and a sh!t load of antec spot fans to cool the everything
cased by a antec 900

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shazui1233440d ago

but wont gpgpu computing make my processor a redundant piece of hardware, will i need to upgrade the processor too? Btw what dont you think my rig can run? Ive OCed the gfx card and unlocked its pipelines e.t.c and crysis runs @ very high or enthusiast in warhead, 2xAA at 35 - 40 fps "blows raspberry"

Kakkoii3440d ago

Nah, GPGPU won't take over so soon. It has a long way to go still, and GPU's still can't do certain types of calculations as the CPU. Not to mention anything that wants to take advantage of GPGPU has to be programmed for that. And games still use CPU's a large amount also. More than a few years still until GPGPU run applications become mainstream.

The processor you have now is perfectly fine, just upgrade the GPU when the 300 series come out.

sak5003440d ago

The questions is how much more improvement can it do over crysis? Can they make CGI quality games run at 60fps with these cards? I'm sick of getting every new month one new SKU from nvidia or ATI/AMD. The last card which burned me was $780 7950GX2 a single sli card but there never came any support on the driver front. It was within months surpassed by 88xx series cards. Damn u nvidia did not buy any gaming vga card since 2005 dec..

Kakkoii3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Well yeah, back then they were a bit bad with that. But since then Nvidia has shaped up it's driver support division. They will always be supporting their 8000 and up series for years to come, because the new architecture that allows for Cuda/PhysX starts with 8000 series.

commodore643439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

@ sak

The solution is not to buy the latest and greatest.
Instead, buy value.

For example, if you bought two HD 4770 in crossfire, you'd get VERY close to the bleeding edge at $200, which is waaaay below what you'd pay for the top shelf product.


Pandamobile3440d ago

My 295 is going to seem puny next to the GT300 series :(

krouse933440d ago

woah 295 nice i have the 260 and i max everything out like what would you need a 295 for though i play crysis all the way up and warhead and i turn anti-aliasing to XX16Q and all settings at maximum its crazy. and obviously ambient occlusion and motion blur on :)

Kakkoii3440d ago

Yeah, but what resolution do you play at gold5225?

Perjoss3440d ago

I was very close to buying a 295 this week, I'm happy to wait a few months for the 380, sure it will cost a bomb and no games will really need it, but its the same principle of a sports car, you cant really drive it fast but its all about owning one. Shame owning a gtx 380 will not have the same effect on the ladies as owning a ferrari :P

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