Rumour: Excitebots cancelled in Europe

TGS writes: "Excitebots didn't exactly go down a storm in the US when it launched almost a month ago and it looks like the game will be staying in the US."

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zwicks3441d ago

I really hope this rumor isnt´t true. I loved Exite Truck - wich came out a couple of months later than in the US - so I hope we will see Bots here soon.

Shnazzyone3441d ago

I ignoredx this title because I still play mario Kart wii. It is a shame i hear it's an awful lotta fun. I just don't get why they would pass up getting more money off this title by bringing it to europe. I think it will be another title added to the slow sellers in the wii library. I wonder what madworld is up to now...