Microsoft quiet on Mass Effect date

Microsoft has stayed close-mouthed over recent outbursts that Mass Effect will launch in Europe on 22nd June, telling Eurogamer this afternoon that it has nothing to announce.

Italian website Spazio Games initially ran with the news, confirming the European date alongside a 5th June American release, though no source was named. Since then other sites have come out into the open, claiming the game had been confirmed for those dates.

It supports comments made by BioWare bigwig Ray Muzyka at this year's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, who revealed to IGN that the game wouldn't be at this year's E3 in July- obviously meaning only one thing.

No release date for the Xbox 360 game has yet been announced, but there's been plenty of recent Mass Effect related news that suggests we may see the game sooner rather than later. Two prequel novels from game writer Drew Karpyshyn and an influx of new information on the game's website, for instance.

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M1am1U4311d ago

I can't wait for this game to come out. It looks like it could easily be game of the year IMO.

BoneMagnus4311d ago

They will delay it until it is right. They don't want another anti-climatic Fable-like release.

Mass Effect is supposed to blow our socks off - the way Fable was supposed to. If it is merely a "very good" game(like Fable), but not "amazing", it will be seen as a failure.

Double-Edged4311d ago

I dont know how your comparing this game to fable?....

Remind you that the people who made KOTOR (game of the year) are the same makers here.

Becarefull where you put the word 'hype'...

BoneMagnus4311d ago

"Hype" was not meant to be a derrogatory term - though you clearly took it that way.

Mass Effect has "high expectations" they way Fable did - and Gears for that matter. Gears lived up to it, Fable, though a very good game, was not "amazing" like many expected.

Mass Effect looks fantastic from every angle - graphics, story, gameplay etc.

However, when people have such high expectations of a game, they can be disappointed by the reality when they actually play it.

You are reacting as if I said "This game has TOO MUCH UNDESERVED hype." This is not at all what I meant. I apologize for the misreading if my words were unclear, but I would encourage you to read posts more carefully to accurately assess the meaning.

Covenant4311d ago

Me and my cattle prod are going to visit BioWare studios...see if we can't "spur things along a bit." :)

Seriously, tho, I can't wait. Between this and BioShock, the wait for Halo 3 won't seem so long.