Slim PS3 update: mysterious Chinese firm issues a cease and desist... to Engadget


"You know, one of these days, someone at one of these big companies is going to get this right. If you send a cease and desist about "leaked" photos of a supposed device, you're basically saying, "Hey guys, those pictures are real." Now, we can't tell you with 100 percent assurance that that's the case when it comes to those factory pics of rubber-gloved hands all over an apparently-new PS3 hardware design, but it doesn't help anyone's case when a Chinese company sends your Japanese wing a takedown notice. Keep in mind, since this thing isn't from Sony, we can't really be sure that it's the real deal, but we'll be honest -- things are starting to look mighty suspicious. Text of one of the charming messages after the break. We'll pause for comment now."

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krouse933466d ago

Me too it will be awesome cause then I will buy it as a second PS3 and it will be more portable and versatile.

WildArmed3466d ago

omg sony is killing me.
First a launch ps3..
then a MGS4 PS3
now a Slim ps3.
gotta catch em all (pokemon!)!
err i mean gotta own em all..

kingOVsticks3466d ago

I am not ready for a slim ps3... the thing hasn't even been out for two years in Europe.

TheExecutive3466d ago

well, it will be there when you are :)

muddygamesite3466d ago

Hmmm a Slim PS3 would fit nicely in the living room, while my 60gb (now 320gb) launch PS3 will be upstairs in my bedroom. This is amazing. Regardless of what people are saying, I think those Slim PS3 pics look very nice. With a little bit of Refinement, they will be perfect. However there are two things that bother me:

1) The Blu Ray drive. Will it still have the same cool Eject mechanism ? or will they Change it for something less classy ?

2) Will they make Upgrading the Hard drive easier and more accessible ?

Other things I think they should consider:

1) Adding a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot at the front of the PS3. This makes sense because the PSP, along with alot of other sony products use this format. It will just make life easier for a lot of people.

2) Will they still have 2 USB ports? They might want to add 3 because once again it will make life easier.

3) Backward Compatible out of the box. I can imagine this is something that is very cheap to implement, and it wont affect the price in a big way.

If sony do this, then the SLIM PS3 will be a system to beat.

ActionBastard3465d ago

I'm sold. I just upgraded from a 46' Bravia to a 65' Mitsubishi...and now the Bravia is lonely. And I'd like to game all over my downstairs.