Sony is finally making PS3 owners want to come "Home"

After months of ups and downs, Sony is finally letting the missing puzzle pieces fall firmly into place with "Home" on the PS3. The Online Playstation 3 social network is finally worth coming home to.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I remember when I got my invite to the closed beta and was pretty disappointed but Home is a whole lot different now than it was last year. It continues to evolve, though we're still in beta. -_-

I hope we get live streaming of their E3 press conference.

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theKiller3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

u got that on the spot!!!!

its always been done in every where!!
in gaming since MS somehow pays many gaming sites/magazines they always try to make things for PS3 is bad until they cant hide it any more then they say things turned out to be good for sony.

the same is said about the blue ray.

the same said about the resistance/enemies fighting the side which the media is on, they always says "we wiped out the enemy" or "we killed very important leaders of this/that group/organization" or "we killed 50% of the enemy forces" yet they r losing every day and more deaths from their side pile up!

for God's sake, why is Taliban taking over 70% of Afghanistan and we hear every day that the NATO or US forces kills 50-100 Taliban fighters???? and we dont hear any deaths from the NATO/US forces but we hear that they r losing a lot of positions in Afghanistan how come?? can they lose without having big death toll??

i really dont trust media!! to make my conclusion on any thing, i have to see both sides of the conflict before i make my judgment!! seeing one side of the conflicts is not enough!!

CaseyRyback_CPO3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

"Home is packed with people in every single zone every single day of the week at every hour of the day.

The only Home Space that is never filled with people is the lame Far Cry 2 Space.

Hell, the number one complaint about Home is it is too crowded with gamers making it difficult for gamers to get into the various game Spaces."

This is dead on the money :)

My suggestion, find the HOME:CoolKid, more than likely a chick/a guy pretending to be a chick... but some how they know the moderators.. they can go to empty instances quite easily. Its kinda neat :) played the siren thing about 10 times back to back.. just a small crew. PM me feline i'll add u.

WhittO3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

im not impressed with home AT ALL. It has delivered almost none of its promises and it has been like 3 years.

-It seems very laggy and slow (not lag as in connection as in very low framerates/menu speed).

-The graphics are not anything special, its almost impossible to notice differences of different faces even with the customisation options - there is almost no difference when you sit/stand next to the person, except perhaps slightly taller/smaller.

-Most people look the same as there are almost no customisation for clothes (without paying)

-Appartments are a waste of time as there is nothing to them, just blank empty space with nothing in it but a couch/chair (again without paying). No tv screens to put your video on, no customisable walls or pictures, there are almost no options for your appartment. It is a complete bare space.

-Where are the trophy rooms?

-Home XI is a total waste of time and is so glitchey/laggy like the rest of home, its incredibley frustrating to do.

What i cant get over, is why does home perform so poorely as a piece of software, when you have games etc which the ps3 can run with MUCH higher framerates/less loading, just ALOT better than Home runs, you cant say it has anything to do with the amount of people on, because Resistance 2 has 60 players in a game, everyone is talking, everyone is blowing up granades firing weapons everywhere, yet runs perfectly.

In Home, all people are doing is running or standing there talking, using text chat or voice chat, why does it seem so hard to run, the environments look very subpar compared to other applications on the ps3 aswell, since noone is blowing anything up and creating chaos, you would think they could have Uncharted quality water etc.

The amount of time the Home devs have had, Resistance had been completed aswell as Uncharted (within a 3 year period), why has it taken them so long to get to a point where really, there has been minimal improvement in terms of quality of the application.

If you look at what Home promised to bring when announced and what it brings to users today, it has less than half of the promised features.

I think the main problem is customisation, there isnt any without paying, people would expect sony to provide a decent amount of options instead of 1 or 2 without paying for it.

WhittO3443d ago

@ Disagrees, why are you disagreeing ? everything i have said is true, give reasons why you think im wrong about the bare appartments or the absent trophy rooms or the slow load times.

CaseyRyback_CPO3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

-It seems very laggy and slow (not lag as in connection as in very low framerates/menu speed).

I only experience home lag when you first enter the plaza. It loads the images for the movies/listen at home, and the 50+ people there.. The select menu pauses HOME before it loads, (the menu you need to report people.) but the pause is about .324ths of a second.

-The graphics are not anything special, its almost impossible to notice differences of different faces even with the customisation options.

The Graphics in home aren't special, nor were they hyped to be? But they do look better than some multiplatform games, and support more people online. I dare you to tell me the Resident Evil & Uncharted spaces aren't graphically detailed. It supports HDR lighting, not sure if its 2xAA, detailed models, reflection maps, and oh yeah DYNAMIC SHADOWS, particle systems, and fog. Which isn't a tall order for most game engines, but for an online virtual world.. it holds its own against multiplatform games. Every character gets a shadow from a light source. checkout the uncharted room to see this as well.. your hair casts shadows.. I Mean saying they aren't special is just nitpicking at something that already looks good. killzone2? no.. but good.

-Most people look the same as there are almost no customisation for clothes (without paying)

This is just plain not true. I'm sorry. Not sure what else to say about that. How often do you use home? It could be that the 1 time that you used the software you are biased against, you noticed that people love the tshirt-sweater combination. But i can take pictures right now of home so you can see the variety and mix-matching.

-Appartments are a waste of time as there is nothing to them, just blank empty space with nothing in it but a couch/chair (again without paying). No tv screens to put your video on, no customisable walls or pictures, there are almost no options for your appartment.

Some friends and I had an apartment party, since there is voicechat someone donated their connection as the jukebox. we played music there, hung out, talked.. then all decided to hop into a game of warhawk using the game launching.

-Where are the trophy rooms?

Good Question, but its not a deal breaker for home considering only your real friends visit you, and your real friends aren't going to be the ones refreshing/looking at your 3d trophy room every day. And are you going to just browse and look at them by yourself? since it doesn't seem that you socialize much in HOME. Fun.

-Home XI is a total waste of time and is so glitchey/laggy like the rest of home, its incredibley frustrating to do.

I'm starting to think you have connection issues. Because home isn't a lagfest. if it was, no one would use it. Rooms wouldn't always be full, and you wouldn't have to wait hours to play games, because you'd be disconnected due to the terrible terrible lag.

Xi is hilariously fun to figure out with friends. finding the clues, doing the puzzles, ignoring the kids that are trying to spoil it. Its all part of it. Socializing is the key part of home... i think you have to try that out one day.

visit the HOme boards on the forums, sure there are people with problems. Because thats what people do on forums, but other people are having a great time with home/xi/ lag free...

Theres a ton more to do in home than what your alleged beef is. Im not trying to argue with you, but your one-sided short use of HOME definitely isn't the standard for home experiences, by any measure. Its kind of like going to a party. Unless you socialize, you aren't going to have any fun by yourself. with the right people you can have fun in an empty white box. HoME has way more to do than an empty white box.

WhittO3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Thankyou for giving reasons why you think im wrong ! haha.

I dont have a connection issue, i dont have any issues with the loading of posters or other people's profiles etc, but its when your turning the camera around in the plaza and i always notice a framrate drop, i notice this when i go outside of my appartment and various other places aswell, its not my ps3 haha.
I forgot about the Uncharted space, that has good graphics, i had my mind fixed on the plaza, the really bad water effects.

However, i use the UK version of Home, i have used the US version and it is MUCH better, with alot more game spaces and improved spaces all-around. We still have the old US central Plaza, thats how far behind we are.

Also, you cant argue the appartments are very bare! you can meet up with friends etc, but we were promised we could watch a movie together, listen to music (not playing on someones mic), i remember what they showed us at both E3's and the appartments looked fantastic, thats not what we get though is it.

I have been in home recently and although there were a few people in star trek uniforms etc, there were still a large number of people in the same clothes etc as me, if sony supplied us with the variety it would look more like a gathering of people with their own looks/personalitys and not feel like they are AI.

Just my opinion anyway, they have a long way to go, but my point is that they have had a VERY long time and really, havent produced alot in them 3+ years, it couldnt have taken them a year to make the environment for XI forexample. When you compare to games with vastly greater environments etc that have half the development time.

I do use home a few times per week, but as i said, im using the UK version which is years behind the US version, so i may be complaining about problems that do not exist in the US build lol (as i have only visited the US home a couple of times to visit game spaces-which we are yet to get)

RememberThe3573443d ago

lol I'm sorry, but that's funny.

Have you seen all a terrible flirting that goes on in Home. It's so damn funny.

If you have good social skills your probably not in Home, but in actually social situations.

GCNSeanFoster3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I don't normally reply to childish posts but I could not help but laugh at yours. I guess that is why I own a media website and you are here posting stuff on N4G and getting negative bubbles...

First off, This Clown that you say I am did research on various Forums to write this article. That included the forums for Sony's UK and US PS3 Home forums as well as various Home-related websites and Sony-based blogs. And the majority of feedback was that Home had grown leaps and bounds within the last few months.

I also have no agenda. I am not a fanboy for one system like most are and I have been gaming for almost 25 years since the Atari 2600 days. I have respect for every company because I happen to talk to most of these guys on a daily basis via e-mail and IM. Personally I was not very satisfied with Home when the Open Beta launched. I was a Beta tester and the truth is once the Open Beta started people checked Home out and got bored fast because of the lack of spaces, items, etc. 6 months later after the Open Beta launch Home thrives with the additions of Xi, the EA Sports Complex, etc... I have been on Home every day since launch. So I have no agenda.

And I am not going to sit on here bashing you and your smart comments towards myself as well as the rest of my gaming media colleagues. I am 34 years old and I left that stuff back in middle-school. It just shows what kind of a person you are. So I am a clown and an idiot in your eyes. That's quite OK for me. I will not think much of it when I go to sleep in my house/business on a few acres of land that I own here near the sandy white beaches of Florida, with the paid off car I own sitting in my driveway... All the things I own from working hard in College to make money from something I love to do... gaming and journalism... Most likely I wont even think of it in a few weeks when I am packing my laptop and bags for LA to attend E3.

And by the way... thanks for reading...

GCNSeanFoster3443d ago

I totally agree with everything you just said.

The only lag I get is when the avatars are loading when you first come into a space. Once it loads everything runs fine. And even when its loading its not that laggy.

Also Home's graphics look much better then some social games out there. As you said nobody hypes how the game looks. But take a look at a space like the Lakeside Cabin. It looks amazing.

And yes, for me I am 34 years old and I enjoy Home. Younger gamers these days might not take to Home like older gamers do. That is perfectly fine because you are just missing out on some really good online experiences... I have met some really good people on Home. I have also joined some very cool clubs. It is something to do on my spare time when I am not doing IT or graphic work, or when I have no deadlines on reviews, etc...

Take whatever you want out of my article. Its one opinion and everybody is not going to agree with me. That is perfectly fine. I respect everyone's opinion. If I wrote an article stating that Home is a complete failure it would still get bashed... So it is what it is...

creatchee3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

People with social skills like HOME? I would assume that people who lacked social skills would be the ones in HOME, as they could, I dunno, just experience real life if interaction was so natural?!?!

My PS3 is for games and movies. When I want to talk to strangers or play bar games, I go to a bar. There's even alcohol there.

jeanm33063443d ago

live streaming? live streaming sucks, i want where you pay a small fee where you get vip treatment to play actual floor game. Just the media playing the game is not fair.

3443d ago
Sayai jin3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

@GCNSeanFoster- I did not find an bias in your article. Some may disagree and some will agree with your article, but to bash it is another matter. A lot of people think there is this huge conspiracy of companies paying media and websites to hype up their product or to talk down the competitor's product. It may happen, but not to the extent people on this site make it out to be. Some people on this site will pick a part what you say or write if it does not completely praise their beloved system. So pay it no mind. I have been gaming for over 26 years now

@creatchee- I agree woth you. I am glad you said it. Communicating online is cool and fun, but is not for everyone, but to say those who do not like to or do not want to is rubbish. Everyday socializing in the real world will put your social skills on display not being online.

On topic, Home has improved and will continue to improve. I have used Home ever since I got the Beta key for it, but honestly no much. When I go online it is usually to play games. I get my socializing at work and when I get home with my family or when I am splitting heads in KZ2 or Gears 2, LOL.

Redempteur3443d ago

Well if you find home ugly , go to the RE space or the uncharted one

If you don't know why you find the apartment boring then ..maybe :

-you should fill you private space with items ( like chairs , or tables just a though)
- maybe you should invite your friends in it .
( you don't have people to invite ?) Simple , just go to the Xi Hub and try to start a conversation .. or try to play poker in the EA space . i'm sure that you'll meet some good people .

i agree that Home in the us is short on items ... too bad that's not the case with me in the Eur server ... there is a good number of 'free' items or at least they become free from time to time ..
Again , if you're short on items , you can try to unlock everything from the ice breaker or echochrome arcades they give you "items" to wear and to customize your apart !!
but i think you're on the Eur server since you saw the star trek event .. that's right there was a free event SUNDAY 10 . Just 3 items for free ... yeah yeah there nothing going on in home ...unless you check out what's happening !!!

also your PS3 load a space and the people inside it ... if define a simple loading as "lag" then you're mistaken

also the trophy room is coming but id doubt you'll enjoy it that much ...isn't every one of your friends in your list able to see your trophies already ??

neogeo3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

i was chatting with my friend in HOME last week and he had on funny cloths.

I told him his cloths looked [email protected] thats all i said and we lol.

next morning i turn on my PS3 and I have been BANNED!! I called Sony and the said my PSN account has been suspended for 7 days for using (HATE SPEACH`) in HOME. I told them i was only foolong around with a close personal friend of mine no big deal. the Sony rep warned me that if i do it again Imy whole PS3 will be banned forever from all online. I told him I own 46 download games and that if im banned and my hard drive fails i wont be able to re download my $350 worth of games or be able to view my 500+ trophys. he told me too bad!!!

my PSN

I should be back online on the 19th when the ban is lifted. I hope

ukilnme3442d ago

@ creatchee

I could not agree with you more. Great comment and bubble up.

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AngryHippo3443d ago

....of not caring about anything Home related after being in the closed beta and being so disappointed by it. Just started using it again and I have to say its really quite enjoyable now. Today I have been messing around on Xi. I am still not 100% on its purpose but I am really enjoying the fact that it gets you doing things and interacting with others. I know its just going to get better and better.

@ Ghost of Sparta - live streaming of the E3 conference through Home would be awesome. Fingers Crossed

Godmars2903443d ago

Getting an E3 Home space, complete with live streaming of the conference, would be awesome.

Raz3443d ago

Xi is a promotional tool for PS Home.

The 'winner' of the contest will get a half-hour limo ride and have footage of them shot for the conclusion. Assuming you live in the US, of course; otherwise you aren't eligible. And you have to go meet the limo on your own - so unless you live in NY...

Yeah. Pretty lame. Clever way to generate hype though.

(This info is available on the Hub servers, at the Versacorp [or whatever it's called] web site. You have to dig a bit to find it.)

Godmars2903443d ago

Considering that tons of things/clues are in Europe, find it hard to believe that there's a US-only contest.

Raz3443d ago

If you don't believe me, go check the site yourself. They had to put the legalese somewhere...I just happened to find it.

Redempteur3443d ago

lol you just got trolled by velicorp

you should think of them as "evil corp "

Beside Xi is europe related too ( 3rd butterfly in barcelona ) , ( another quest in paris ) , so there no way the reward for the number of people playing Xi to be THAT ..

If you're playing XI , you should know that you shouldn't trust anyone ... and not THEM " velicorp"

You don't even realise what's true and what's false when (quoting jess )the bondaries between real and virtual are fading ...

Raz3441d ago

Ok, kids. You got me. I'm sure there are similar prizes presented via Sony's other holdings (ie. SCEE, SCEJ, etc).

But honestly, what are you expecting? The meaning of life? Jess comes out of the woodwork a lá Morpheus and offers you a red pill? Remember what this is for, remember that Home is a gigantic promotional space for various companies (not the least of which is Sony), and that while Xi has arguably made it more interesting, it is still just another 'hook' to keep you in Home, looking at all the ads and spending your money on virtual possessions.

I'm not criticizing, just stating facts (heck, I spend time & $$$ in Home too). But as any made man knows: it isn't personal; just business. So Veilcorp may well be the most truthful of the perspectives Xi presents you with. That, and it clearly states that the information it reveals are spoilers for Xi.

That said; enjoy the fantasy, because that's ultimately what it's all about. If you want actual blurring of 'virtual' and 'real' you'll have to wait until 2045 or so, when some analysts predict humanity will merge with machines and become a race of cyborgs. ^_^

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colossi163443d ago

I was very impressed with the EA sports complex, where it had videos buffering everywhere. It made it feel like I was at an actual convention. We need more of those.

coolcole933443d ago

Can you use voice chat yet?

Godmars2903443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

They had to take it out because too many a-holes were abusing it.

Which covers pretty much everyone...

Apartments, and clubhouses.

And if you have a PS3, ever intend to go to Home, I suggest you go now and DL the new apartment now while its free.

Finalfantasykid3443d ago

You can still do it is places like you apartment though right?

40cal3443d ago

In apartments and clubhouses, you can also make "phone calls" to people on your friends list to and from anywhere in HOME.

Qui-Gon Jim3443d ago

Can you voicechat with people you meet? Like if you're playing chess with some random person can you set up a voicechat, or do you have to "friend" them first?

Redempteur3443d ago

you have to friend them first ... ( since you can't call people that aren't your friends )

or manage to play in a public area .. ( hard to do i know )

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Disturbedrebel3443d ago

What is Home suppose to Look like when it comes out Officialy or is it just goin to stay in beta forever

deshon093443d ago

lol i think they are just going to take away the word beta

Qui-Gon Jim3443d ago

Yeah, I think they will probably just take the word "beta" off when they feel it has enough features.