Sack it to Me - "The Patch" Edition

Mark Valedor: We are kicking off the week with some fun news bytes as well as introducing a great new program we are launching this week called "the patch". Great week to all!

As most of you know, we've been spending the past few months touring and showing LittleBigPlanet at various promotional events. We've had the pleasure to meet a wide variety of great personalities from artists, to athletes, to musicians and allowed them to get their hands on LBP Create tools. Some provided great inspiration, some were extremely hands on, and in the end we came up with some great creations together, levels that in one way or another say something about what they are about. This Friday, you'll be able to go online in LittleBigPlanet and check out a new hot spot destination on called "the patch".

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Lucreto3440d ago

Excellent a monster pack. I have just finished a haunted house level now I will wait and add some new stuff in.

The Judge Dread pack will be fun as well. .