Gaming Target: 1 vs 100 Beta Impressions

From the article:

"At last year's E3, Microsoft unveiled 1 vs 100, an upcoming interactive live game show on Xbox Live featuring real prizes. Not much has been said since that announcement – until now, that is. The 1 vs 100 public beta launched on May 8 and runs through May 24 exclusively in Canada. Yup, hosers like me up in the Great White North are the first in the world to experience this ambitious next step in interactive entertainment before it launches globally later this spring. And from what I've seen so far, 1 vs 100 is going to be a hit."

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JeffGUNZ3441d ago

This is looking better and better with every article I read. I am glad they were smart enough to do a beta, to get rid of any bugs.

SwiderMan3441d ago

Yeah, but why Canada, eh?

JeffGUNZ3441d ago

Yeah, I was wondering that. I was hoping we'd get on in the States.

KingJFS3441d ago

The US gets the beta on May 25.