Console Monster: Velvet Assassin Review

Console Monster writes: "It's always refreshing to see a game without a number or subtitle on the box, especially a good old stealth title. Snake has grown old and Splinter Cell Conviction is taking too dammed long to get released, so anything to keep the genre going is welcome. Which is why Velvet Assassin has been a particular title I have been looking forward to. You take on the role of Violette Summer, who is based roughly on Violette Szabo a WWII British secret agent. Your mission is to break down the German war machine by taking out specific leaders and buildings from the inside.

Velvet Assassin is your basic stealth game, reminiscent to earlier Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell titles but not as flamboyant. Replay Studio's took the basic concepts of the stealth action genre and turned it into an atmospheric title, while at the same time forgetting to evolve the stealth gameplay making it all feel a bit too stagnant. Don't get me wrong though, Velvet Assassin should not be easily dismissed just for innovation sake. There is so much more to it but let's get the mechanics out the way first..."

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