Console Monster: Snakebyte Premium VGA Cable Review

Console Monster writes: "We're a very fickle bunch when it comes to graphics. On one hand you have the PS3 owners boasting superiority and on the other the Xbox 360 owners shouting out over them. With the introduction of HD consoles, it has never been more important to ensure that you have an up-to-date television which is capable of displaying hi-def graphics. Sure, you can opt for the posh makes, the Samsung's and Sony's, or you can like myself opt for the cheaper option, a Beko 32 inch HD television. It works; it looks gorgeous, so what if it was £230 and not a grand!

It is all good and well having a television that can display the HD graphics, but crucially cables are an important piece of kit. Like me initially you are probably wondering what is wrong with the bog-standard HD Composite cable supplied with Premium and Elite 360's..."

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