The Virtues of the PlayStation Trophy System

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"Destructoid posted an article that strongly criticized PlayStation Trophies, while at the same time stating that Xbox 360 Achievements are significantly more meaningful and successful. However, Destructoid's circular logic and repetitive complaints did little to actually explain why it held this to be true. In fact, many of the complaints it made were flat out wrong."

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cranium3440d ago

I'm pretty sure that Destructoid was being sarcastic.

solidjun53440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I personally think Destructoid was being idiotic as usual. If I remember from that article, the so-called 'journalist' was complaining about the XMB and not really the trophies itself. I believe he alluded to it but the focus was something else.

If not, then it was another article. Regardless, it's essentially the same as Achievements. I personally think both are great. I mean, I don't like RE5 too much, but I find myself playing it to get those trophies. The trophy/acheivement system has its uses.

L-a-i-n3440d ago

Did you really expect anything else? Destructoid from what I have seen are not really worth the time. I really don't think that I would ever "connect with a handle" that is just stupid lol. It seems like to me this guy is not skilled enough to get the trophies that is why he is complaining about them. When you can put you plat trophies in your home space that is when trophies will be complete. just my 2 cents

idiealot3440d ago

The list saying bronze, silver, gold and platinum are worth is almost accurate. i show 93% until level 14 but the list gives me 98%. Eh back to trophy hunting.

LiquifiedArt3440d ago

Its the idea of someone who plays alot of games, or someone completes alot of tough challenges. Big Difference. The platinum is so sought after, I like the idea of the "Ultimate Trophy" for each game.

Socomer 19793440d ago

I just bought zen pinball, resident evil 5 and streetfighter.
i have zero platinums and i dont think i'll ever get 1 because i just play lots of different games depending on my mood. make no mistake, i do track them and i will go the extra mile for a trophie but i just dont have the time to dedicate to that platinum.

i must have 330 bronze and 8 golds and who knows how many silver trophies. I think its okay to say that im a gamer who plays the flavor of the month and goes back to his favorite games any day of the week.
geez, i need to excercise.

GamerMan3440d ago

I have a platinum trophy from Godfather II and it's only because what was left to get was fun to get to me. Since I only needed 3 more trophies to get platinum I though what the heck I will get it. Which made the game a bit more fun for me.. most of it was way too easy to get.

Majority of the games i either get a trophy while playing or I don't. If I go back to the game I will use the trophies as an extra incentive to do something different than I would normally.

I probably could get it with Burnout: Paradise City as the majority of them are easy also. I just get to playing around with the game and options instead of getting the trophies ;)

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